19 years since a divorce in America

It has been now 19 years since my divorce in America, still have not yet found a new woman :smile:


I’m sorry you had to get a divorce. I’m in my second marriage. But this marriage is much better than my first. Hopefully the same happens to you.


Piano, I was married, once upon a time. I’m curious. How long were you single?

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My divorce in America was ok, after this divorce I traveled in many places in America. Somehow this song tells a lot … :smile:


I was just listening to this song yesterday. It never gets old.


I’ve been divorced since 2006. It was really hard on me for many years. I probably should have gotten over it and moved on sooner but I didn’t. It’s okay now, though.


Disc, I get what you mean. It’s hard to move on. I’m glad you made it!


Sometimes marriages just end, I have not really tried to find a new woman, maybe this song tells something …

From the time I told my ex I was leaving him, it was 4 years later when I married again. I was single for 3 years

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Piano, sorry if that was too personal. I’ve been married once, in the 90s.

Do you have children? I wasn’t sure if I could be a good mom. I had a hysterectomy several years ago. I’m 46 now.

I have one daughter and two stepdaughters. I love our girls. I’m not perfect but no one is.


i’m on my first marriage. don’t want to marry again.

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My divorce took a lot out of me.
It hit me hard.

I’m not ready to date or meet up with someone else.

I don’t think I’ll ever get married again.

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Yeah that’s what I though you had said before that you really dont try to find someone like me

Maybe you could join a dating site or ask someone out.

I think you said once that you like me don’t really have friends as such.
It can be lonely.

Wishing you well.
Wishing you love :two_hearts:.

My divorce I would take 80% of the blame. I was so over the top manic. My ex husband didn’t deserve all the ■■■■ I put him through.

I dated someone else for a few years but it was a very bad very scary relationship.

I will never date again.

did sz contribute to your marital breakdown?

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