A divorce in the American style

It was Dec 1999 in Atlanta and in one morning my former US woman gave a kiss on my cheek and later during the day she left a voicemail message that she was not coming back. Later in Jan 2000 she had left a letter in my mailbox listing some of my relatives in Finland whom she had just met once eight years earlier. She had written down their phone numbers; basically she had not had anything to do with them. In addition she had written in the letter that one embassy worker in Washington DC can arrange me to return back to Finland. I know that she was not so intelligent or resourceful that she would have got this information by herself, but I knew that she had been helped and I assume the CIA had provided this information to her. I never called any numbers, but all these activities made me to realize that they tried to get rid of me without proper divorce proceedings. But it did not work and so there was a divorce hearing in March 2000 in Lawrenceville, GA after which I disappered to the streets of America. These are just some bad experiences I have had.

I experienced the joys and misery of love long before I could even legally marry…imagine being married at fourteen, being a couple and going through all the usual ups and downs and hellish arguments and mind games and unfaithfulness and falling outs and falling ins and what not only being fourteen at the same time…that’s what it was like.

I have no interest in marriage.