Good knives

My parents bought me a decent set of kitchen knives I love them…anyone else prize their knives?


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I have a set of “el cheapo” kitchen knives from IKEA.

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I have a set from ikea, they’re great.

Funny thing is, I’m afraid of knives… It’s the first set of sharped knives I’ve had in years


Is it worrisome that I am always intently watching whoever has the knife?

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I don’t think so. Like my therapist says, let’s value humanity’s self control.

And still… If I’m not using the knife I’m not even in the kitchen

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I worry about others with knives too…makesvme nervous…

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Yeah I don’t trust my husband and I don’t trust myself either with them. But a good set for prep-cook is hard to find.

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When I was a 17 year old punk teenager my first job was as a dishwasher in a fairly nice restaurant. I did OK
so I got promoted to cook. For some reason that I can’t remember I quit in the middle of a shift. We used to have these professional chefs knives that we used and before I walked out for good, I stuck one in each sock, so they went up my leg and left. This was 1978. I’m 55 now and believe or not, but I kept these knives all these years but now I have nowhere to put them so last week I gave one to my sister.


I’ve got one really good knife. I use it for everything.

A couple of years ago I was cutting up pak choy for a stir fry and sliced the corner of my ring finger on my left hand. We went to an all nice medical clinic where the doctor who looked at it looked ill. The nurse who attended to the cut covered it in something she called “magic potion.”

That night I was in absolute agony from nerve pain all through my hand. I couldn’t walk because the oncoming air was making me scream in pain. We went to the emergency room and they gave me an over the counter pain killer which did nothing.

The next day we went to my regular doctor who unwrapped the dressing and freaked out because my finger had turned black and was still bleeding. So we went back to the emergency room where they found I had an infection.

The infection lasted for at least three months and ate away at my finger (it was a flesh eater). It’s now deformed at the top from the top knuckle upwards. The sensation is still odd in that finger too, like it always has pins and needles. And the tendons snap rather than flow freely so I can’t bend the finger properly.

All that from a tiny cut!

I kept the knife. Like I say, it is my best knife.

I bought a Good set a few years ago, got tired of fighting with every dinner. Congrats

I had a pocket knife I loved, but when the cops found it in my boot they took it away and I never got it back.

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I have an affinity for knives, not necessarily of typical kitchen knives, but throwing knives, survival knives, fighting knives, etc. I cant stand to be cut and even watching someone get cut on tv gives me the chills. I dont know where it comes from. My kitchen knives suck, my ex stole them all and havent replaced them yet

I knew a guy who worked in a kitchen. They had professional knife sharpeners come in. Apparently once sharpened the pure weight of the blade would slice an onion in two.

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