Anyone own a knife?

Any of you Schizophrenics out there own a knife? I’m talking combat knife around 12 inches, or just maybe a pocket knife of any kind, im kind of afraid to own one because if i were to go psychotic i don’t want one of those easily accessible in front of my desk or in view of me. I cant account for kitchen knives, but they are in a drawer out of sight in the kitchen. Not that i am violent while psychotic, worst thing i did was punch someone…but you never know. Although i guess im being a bit paranoid here because i drive a car a little bit, and i could go psychotic while driving and die…or kill someone in the process…i am on meds but Ive heard some people relapse even on meds, like the meds just stop working over time…so you never know…

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in the uk it is illegal to carry a weapon of any kind esp knifes, not even allowed to carry pocket knives, if you get caught with one they take you to the station or confiscate it and give you a warning about the dangers of carrying,

you can get away with a bat as long as you have a ball and can prove you are going to play with it though :slight_smile:


I thought I would also do violent things

I was not a violent person before medication and don’t have so much anger,after meds my anger increase and increase,I don’t know why meds make anger

I own a couple of pocket knives.
I used to carry one on me, but decided it was a bad idea, since seeing a mentally ill man get shot (on the news) by a police officer. The guy had a knife on him and was behaving a bit erratically - he did nothing wrong really.

My fear is that if I ever have an episode and the cops were involved, and they see a pocket knife on me, this may give them an excuse to shoot me down.
So now I use my pocket knife around the house if I need it- I keep it in the house and dont take it with me

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Cant hardly cut a tomato without one. hahaaaha


I don’t have a combat knife but my family cooks a lot so there is a drawer full of boning knives… some heavy duty choppers and cleavers… a large heavy duty chef’s knife…

I do carry around a Swiss army because when I’m out in the field… it comes in handy for twine, or a sharpening down a quick wood support rod for a plant…

For a while I was locking up ALL knives… razors and craft knives… it wasn’t for me… my poor sis was going through a very bad patch and I found out she was self harming. She’s gotten help and been going to therapy. But I still worry.

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I own a very large full tang machete, but I only use it for camping and vegetation control. It’s not something I’ve ever had the need to walk around in public with and it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for me to do so, even if it is legal where I live. It’s not something I’d have on my desk – it lives in the shed in our yard.

I own five bows. They range from the Mathews Genesis Original I use as a NASP BAI to help run my school’s archery program, to an Olympic style recurve, to a full-fledged compound bow. The last is the most dangerous in terms of distance and accuracy. I’m a very good shot.

I also not only drive personal vehicles, but school buses as a parent volunteer. Could I do a lot of damage if my cheese slid off my cracker? Sure, but that’s true for anyone. Pretty depressing what you can do with a boxcutter knife and a bit of planning (9/11).

Take your meds, build a good support network, and stay positive. You’ll be fine. If you were the violent sort you would have displayed that while in the grip of your symptoms by now. Sounds like unnecessary anxiety to me. That being said, if you’re concerned about the knife, don’t own one. That’s one less thing to worry about then. :smile:



A lot of people own knives. Myself included. Knives are essential for humans to skin their kill in a hunting situation. Knives cut fishing lines. I own five firearms and they, just like knives need to be treated with the utmost awareness! Stored in their proper places when not in use.

I own no dangerous weapons out of fear what I could do to other people while psychotic.

I have wood carving tools like gouges and a whittling knife

I’ve been thrown in jail twice for having a knife with a blade over three inches. Both times I had gotten nowhere near another person with my knife. They kept me in jail two months without a trial both times.

In Sweden you can’t carry a knife out in the streets. You can get in jail for that. You may use it if you are working and need it or have it with you in the forest.

I’d love to own a Kukri and wanted one before becoming ill about 6 years ago.

That being said but I’m worried if I became I’ll again I’d do something stupid!

I remember when I first got diagnosed and I was living in Soteria House. We had a small pantry adjoining the kitchen. They kept all the kitchen knives in a small locked box in this pantry. Out of all the other clients, I was the only client who they would give the key to to get knives out. Upstairs they had a locked closet, they kept a load of cash in there and certain peoples medication (yes, Soteria used medication). They would give me the key to that too to go upstairs by myself and get grocery money out of there. I never saw them entrust anyone else to use that closet without supervision.


I have a WW2 German Bayonet, some pocket knifes, a couple of hunting knifes. I also have a WW2 M1 carbine, and a 12 gauge shotgun. All are tools to be use when needed, and to be put up safe when not in use.


Dude don’t be so paranoid about relapses. I had one and functioned just fine, I had class, a meeting with a professor, and workout, and I had casual sex all in one day while on a relapse.

But to answer your question, I sometimes carry a buck knife, I live in one of the worst cities in the USA. When I stick in the wealthier and upper or middle class parts of town, the east side of my city, I don’t need a weapon. I know hand to hand combat but I don’t want to have to fight I would rather just pull out a weapon. And since I know how to defend against attacks with a knife, I know how to successfully stab someone.

Do you still have the knife or did you get rid of it after being put in jail?

If I remember correctly, the authorities kept the knife. It was a long time ago.

That sucks, what was their justification for putting you in jail? Public disturbance?

The first time they had some justification like that. The second time they had no justification - no probable cause. It was just because I was living on the street.