Getting rid of knives

I discovered I can use scissors instead of knives… I am going to get rid of my knives, because I fear them. Was amazed as to what I could do with (blunt tip) scissors in the kitchen. Cutting cheese, bread, pizza, greens, scissors are really helpful and more easy.

Already put my knives far back in my drawer as I used to swing with them around me to get rid of the voices. But in psychosis I am afraid and don’t want to hurt myself. As I nearly did.


I have same issues around knives - i see them and feel danger. Just knowing they are there.

I have about 5 kitchen scissors in my kitchen one on every counter within reach. I can use more. I also found pet grooming scissors with the blunted tips great. And safe.


Abraham Lincolns friends got rid of all his knives when he was a young lawyer. They were concerned that he was suicidal.


I hate knives. And don’t even look at them.
This forum has really helped me, knowing I’m not the only person who has distorted thoughts, but there real if that makes sense x


I buried most of my knives but one sharp one I still keep - and unfortunately use on myself on occasion. I use scissors too. But it’s wrong I know. It’s just when I’m so distressed…I felt I had to bury the knives, they triggered me so…


I am so sorry some of you self harm…I never understood that…so sorry…

on that note…a lot of my delusional visions had to do with the adversary wielding a chef knife at his opponents…many bloody visions…hate knifes…scissors are good in the kitchen I hear…

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I am also afraid of knives and razors

when i get really down with bad hallucination and command voices I try talking with my mom and she hides all the knives razors pills and even combs


I took them out today, feeling bit safer.

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im glad u took control before something happen
im also glad it let you have relief

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Pizza wheel. Safe enough.

I got rid of mine back when I was early with the disorder but I can handle them now.

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Typo mistake, misunderstood thread topic.

I’m sorry to hear that you nearly hurt yourself during psychosis.

It’s cool that you are taking precautions now.

That’s sensible.

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Gotten rid of them safely… wrapped in bubble and disposed of in a box in the trash, for safety of garbage person. I kept a few small ones, but not the huge kitchen knives. Glad I did it! for my own safety.

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