I got a new knife

It is pretty cool it is WAY sharper than my cheaper knife like i can cut the hair on my leg with it without even trying i already cut my palm and back of my hand and arm on accident from playing with it. It cost me $21 it is a CRKT Ryan Model 7 I really like knives and I am glad I got this one it is calming for me to flip it open and close when i’m anxious I plan on getting a balisong trainer in the future so i can learn how to use them without getting bit before deciding if I want a real one

Yeah, I used to be really into knives when I was younger. I used to go outside and practice "sticking " them into wooden telephone poles from 5 or 6 feet away. You throw it with one or two flips so the blade sticks in the pole. Or just playing chicken with friends on the lawn with a knife. When I became somewhat of a stoner (or wannabe stoner) me and my friend each had knives and we would walk down the block to the park where a groups of stoners hung out and sit at the wooden picnic tables and carve our initials into them. (into the tables, not the stoners).


grandma said never play with knives.

lucky you, Nick

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Actually, I wasn’t that lucky.
When I was 11, me and my friend each had a knife and we were taking turns throwing them at the telephone pole. He got careless and thew his knife at the wrong angle when I wasn’t looking and it ricocheted off of the pole and hit me in the face. It hit me in the mouth and put a nasty cut on my upper lip which wouldn’t stop bleeding. It hurt but it could have been a lot worse and it could have broken my teeth or hit me in the eye.

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