A little paranoid - knives

A couple of guys where I live have bought some mean looking knives. One of them looks like it is military grade, and the other is a filleting knife. It looks like it could fillet your forearm muscles right off the bone. Maybe I am overreacting. There is no ill will between those guys and me, but those knives still make me a little nervous.


Trouble with arms races of any form is you need to buy into it. I’d suggest just keeping out of it and being respectful. I’d still be on my guard with such folk but it’s nothing to get overly concerned about. It’s a game you can’t win!


Hate dealing with knives. I use scissors mostly.


Don’t worry you come across as a nice guy who means well.

I used to collect knives just because I like them.


They are a many carrieng a knife you can’t see. What about chefs,cooks or butchers, they got a real sophisticated knife collection doing their job. Just be beware.

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I have a big knife collection. I personally like seeing other people’s knives, because it’s a good conversation starter. Spyderco knives are my favorite.

I’ve been locked up a couple of times for carrying a very small knife that definitely had a blade shorter than three inches. I’ve seen guys pull a giant bowie knife out of their backpacks, and they were far more likely to use their knife than I was. It pisses me off.

I’m concerned with knives too. They haven’t caught the serial killer here who stabs people to death.

There is a context to this situation. … Any group of young men is likely to have a couple of guys carrying knives in it. The guys where I live are old chronologically, but some of their behaviors are puerile. I’m not too worried about it. I’m just a little uneasy.

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