Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


I think iti 007 has failed … do u know @twinklestars…!!!


Good luck @jeroenp!


No, they’re submitting it to the FDA probably later this year. FDA will say yea or nay, or require more data.


@far_cry0 according to this(very recent) article ITI 007 did not fail, and is currently in stage 3 for schizophrenia(last sentence).


Lets hope it comes clean…!!! Holy cow…!!!


Thanks Wave!!!



hey you :slight_smile: hows it going


Good luck! I been wanting to try cbd therapy myself but don’t currently have the money. Using it is a monotreatment can necessitate upwards of 1000 mg of cbd a day. If it doesn’t work at low dosages, talk to your doctor about increasing it to see what will happen. Best of wishes


I am good jeroen… i am at the bank now…!!!


What kind of cbd are you going to use (brand)? What dosage etc? Tell us more about the practicals.


Be careful jeroen…!!! It has side effect too…


@jeroenp is it covered by disability insurance? If not, I’m guessing you’re going to pay a lot for CBD.


4% I already get relief of depressive symptoms I only took it twice its also anti psychotic


its not covered and you cannot buy it in pharmacies, I paid 30 euro plus 5 euro for shipping on that website


I think I can do a month maybe with that price


Is CBD known to have any side effects?


its not toxic, please watch the youtube video I posted above that guy is not me but he clearly explains the use for schizophrenia :!


@Dre91 this video :slight_smile:


From when u will start…!!!