CBD as monotherapy for schizophrenia

Hello there is someone that have tested CBD (cannabinol) with a doctor supervision as monotherapy for schizophrenia?

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for cbd as a cure. I personally think it was all hype. But CBD is good for other things. I personally hate cbd now, it makes me paranoid. I tried the recommended dose (350mg) and it did nothing but made me panic.

I have not tried cbd (pharmaceutical grade) without THC, but I tried the CBD hemp oil you can buy off Amazon, and I felt the same as if I smoke a thc joint, but not as strong.

I even made me depressed, my vision was darker and duller and gray. This could of been from the small amounts of THC in the hemp oil, but yeh, I hated it. I tried it for years thinking it would help but sadly it depressed me too much.

Any THC is bad for me. Unless they find a way to eliminate 100% THC from CBD oil, I am going to avoid it.

It’s a shame, I thought cbd was the “end all of schizophrenia”, boy was I wrong.

I tried CBD for about a year as a stand alone treatment.

It did nothing.

Like @Green I thought is was going to be a miracle, but was disappointed to find I was really just taking part in a useless trend.

We were all hopeful,

But the fact is, its just not an effective treatment for anything.


Green If you tried the CBD oil of Amazon is normal that don’t Work I will test with 100% pure CBD with no THC (THC is dangerous) pharmaceutical CBD. CBD is not a miracle but maybe it has less side effect respect the official medication.

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I take a combo Hemp oil 500 mg/ CBD oil 5 mg capsule. It does nothing for my sza but it does help my anxiety and arthritis pain. It’s pretty expensive though. If I didn’t have much money, I would try other drugs, like benzos, NSAID’s and narcotics.

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THC is not dangerous.

Maybe some people have negative reactions to the effects, but it is far from a danger.

And I agree, the pharmaceutical grade CBD is the way to go, if you’re going to do it,

You don’t want to accidentally dose yourself, there are few things worse than being surprised to be stoned.

@Gina2, I agree, it is expensive, especially for something that hardly works. I’ve heard from others about the anxiety and pain. My husband tried it and said it helped with his back (old football injury).

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Is normal that CBD don’t work if you make self medication with CBD oil of Amazon. It’s like build a house without pro per materials. CBD is something that work but you muss take this professionally is not a joke. With medical supervision.

@anon54386108 have you tried medical CBD or something like non professional thing?

I tried pharmaceutical grade CBD.

It was expensive and ineffective (for me, anyway).

In the morning, I put the liquid in coffee and at night I put it in tea.


I smoke a lot of cannabis and I’ve tried some strains with very high CBD ratio and it does work really well for pain and some for anxiety.

Every night (just now) I take a pill with 25mg CBD and 25mg THC to help me sleep and it is magic.

I’m not saying that the CBD doesn’t work, I’m just saying it doesn’t work alone and it does not manage schizophrenia.

Echo pharma is doing cbd drug as in monotherapy…

@anon54386108 maybe CBD doesn’t work for you but it work with proper pills and dosage for something else!
Have you contacted the author of the study of CBD in Germany and asked for the right dosage and compound?

The two psychiatrists I’ve been meeting with for the research project say that all the studies they are aware of in progress are disproving CBD’s effectiveness. Expensive snake oil for SZ , basically.


I think this is the study you’re talking about.

The dosage was 600 to 800 mg of CBD per day.

But I think there have been other studies which did not find it effective.

I 100% agree.

CBD is a rip off.

It may work for some people,

But so does placebo.

Also Echo pharma make something that don’t pass phase 2 ?

You know what works REALLY well? CBT. Just pay for a few books, build a program and apply it. Dirt cheap over the long run.

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Looks like this study of Echo’s CBD formulation is set to finish in 2018.


@twinklestars also we wating for the results before saying that CBD doesn’t work!

Yeah, I don’t know how likely it is, but nothing to lose in waiting for the studies.

I’m not currently taking CBD.

@Nic_the_mountain are you here to discuss anything other than CBD?