Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia tonight. wish me luck i will keep you guys updated
its a powerfull medicine i think

My psychiatrist has approved this as a last resort therapy but i am having a good feeling about this therapy



Hi @jeroenp I also have severe schizophrenia.
I wish you success.
I would argue that it would be moral to wish EVERYONE good health, and not just @far_cry0 .


what is CBD…


Cannabidiol for schizophrenia and depression, anxiety, and maybe other conditions

legal form of the medicine of course


Of course its not only for me djees


What dose will you be taking?


Hope it will work perfectly jeroen… keep us updated…


You are offended by the weirdest things, Chess.
But your heart is in the right place.


how does this CBD stuff work…it seems kinda odd that they would use a derivitaive of cannabis to act as a remedy for sz


a friend from the USA has recommended to put 1 drop on my wrist and not to take it orally like instructed under the tongue for 30 seconds to start, its this powerfull.


Whoops. Originally misread this as CBT. CBD… Let us know how it works for you.


Hey Pixel!!! long time no see!!!
yes i hope it helps, im a severe case also i could use some relief of symptoms


Yeah, I hear that. Currently battling a resurgence of negative symptoms as well and I feel for you.



Hi karl, type in CBD and schizophrenia on google lot of good scientific articles


how is it that a derivative of cannabis can be used as a remedy for sz…im clueless!


I was too, THC can make psychosis worse, its the CBD from the plant that has anti psychotic effects and is supposed to be an effective treatment for psychosis schizophrenia ive read

so the med dont have any THC


in other words CBD has the opposite effect and scientists have discovered it is as powerfull as amisulpiride (Solian in europe) ive read somewhere


What dosage of cbd are you gonna use?

Best of luck.


You should take it as instructed by a doctor. I very much doubt putting it on your wrist is going to do anything.


One medication that sounds very promising in terms of giving a certain therapeutic effect( including for negative symptoms)
while not having an ill effect on the level of energy, on cardiovascular health, metabolic parameters etc
is Lumateperone(ITI 007).
It is currently in the development phase, and I sincerely hope that phase 3 trials show the same therapeutic
potential and the same safety profile.