CBD might be able to replace antipsychotics


It wont happen. Too many pharmacutical companys have got their fingers in the pies of traditional anti-psychotics.

Very much doubt anything would happen in uk.


Hope it will happen although you are probably right.

Although CBD is a natural compound there is a lot of money in it. It’s expensive. That might have some people advocate it or whatever.


Cbd won’t do crap for schizophrenia. I used cbd and noticed nothing. But I love cbd

@swordiebrom you think cbd is a cure all


Nowhere in the article did they say they tested on actual sz or people in psychosis. They said they tested on healthy individuals and animals. They need to start trials on sz’s and test it’s efficacy at controlling psychosis. I’m not yet convinced that it can be as effective at controlling psychosis as traditional meds. I’d be willing to look at it as a potential alternative if they were to seriously test it’s efficacy on sz and come up with favorable results. Interesting article though.


i will stick to the traditional meds thanks. Cos ineventibley people are gonna start thinking that smoking proper weed is ok with mental illness.

This news item wont go far - sounds like a bit of propaganda from the cannabis brigade.


Nice article, thanks for the read

Not ever touching that @#$%.


CBD does nothing for schizophrenia, maybe it helps with some anxiety.

The pharmaceutical companies have tried working with CBD for psychosis and the overall results were disappointing.


The article was interesting to me. The authors seemed cautiously optimistic. It was accepted for publication about 2 years ago. I would be interested in studies conducted during the last 2 years.

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I take CBD for fibromyalgia pain. It definitely helps with pain, but it doesn’t do a damn thing for my positive symptoms…

It might help positive symptoms in very, very high doses, but that would be incredibly expensive.

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And replace brain too. It will make your brain veggie

It seems that the dosages used in clinical trials on psychosis were high/expensive. This is a different article, also from 2019.

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I think CBD can be used in conjunction with traditional APs, but not replace them entirely. CBD hemp flower works great for me, but I’d be scared as hell to drop my APs and replace them with just CBD. No thanks.


Hmm. . .

I Don’t See CBD Replacing Antipsychotics.

But!, It Could Start A Great Trend At Becoming A Brand New Exclusive Light To Sleeping Peacefully.

In Personal Experience, Much Better Than What Exist’s Prescribed And OTC.

Although Melatonin Has It’s Strength’s.

I Would Love To Be Able To Use CBD As It’s Alternative.

The Rest Of The Sleeping Medications Hinders Clarity And Focus.

In Which End’s Up Leaving Me Out Of The Loop.

I Am Curious As To What The Future May Bring With Thus Healthy Addition To The Medical Industry.


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I read CBD helps with psychosis too but apparently you have to take A LOT OF IT. It becomes way too expensive.

I’m on Latuda (Lurasidone) and you are suppose to avoid grapefruit while on it. I read that any drug that says to avoid grapefruit you should also avoid CBD because grapefruit and CBD inhibit the same liver enzyme so the drug isn’t metabolized properly.

I have taken small doses of CBD (10mg) while on Latuda and I was fine but I didn’t notice much of an effect. On rare occasions I felt like it gave me a small boost of energy but that was it. After I read what I read I stopped taking CBD because I am on Latuda.

I bought 2 bottles of hemp gummies from Amazon in the hopes it would help with my insomnia. I don’t notice anything but I keep taking them because I bough them and I don’t want them to go to waste. I WISH CBD would replace Risperdal! I hate that ■■■■! Makes me fat as a house!

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cbd is snake oil when it comes to sz

all the hemp gummies on amazon are hemp seed oil which has no cbd or other cannibinoids at all


Seriously, don’t buy CBD on Amazon. There are hundreds of other sites to get quality CBD, Amazon isn’t one of them.