Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


already did yesterday evening


Good update us… it might have side effect… be carefull…


I know friend I know, how are you doing?


I am good jeroen…!!! I live with lot of negative symptoms… cognitive too…!!! Hope soon medication for negative and cognitive comes…!!

I will wait man… i am 31yrs old… holy cow…


I read somewhere that the therapeutic dose of CBD is 500mg per day (where it acts like an anti depressant. How much are you taking @jeroenp .


2 drops 2 x daily for the moment since yesterday, feel the anti depressant effect already a bit, but it also sais you need to wait several week for the med to fully kick in


man i know your feeling, if this CBD oil cures some negatives and depression and cognitives, i will send you a bottle from that shop, MY FRIEND!!! time for you to get also better


Sorry I meant anti psychotic, not depressant.


2-3 drops 3 times daily for first 5 days


Are u being supervised by your doctor?


Yes he approved it i am under medical supervision


hi do you have a good link to order cbd?i am from israel


I use a reliable company it seems
i already feel decrease in positive symptoms and negative symptoms i only take it for 2 days



i am still taking it i meant


no reported side effects and i am on highest dose of abilify injection 400 mg, nobiten 5 mg half a pill daily, and rivotril 1 mg twice daily but i am cutting this down too i use that for some sort epilepsy caused by high dose abilify and light sensivity. ive noticed the CBD also works against that for the moment so im taking 0.75 mg rivotril (clonazepam) i hope i can reduce 50% eventually

day 3 now


well see how it goes after day 5 :))


I take cbd oil. I first started using it When I bought it for my sister and thousand and 16. She had cancer. She didn’t want to do chemotherapy but did anyway and it made her very sick she lost a lot of her hair is very sensitive and sore and things were bad about CBD Capsules and gave them to her. She gained weight back and wasn’t it I was in much pain and her hair grew back and she doesn’t have cancer anymore. We both still use CBD because I have a lot of pain I don’t know if it helps with negative symptoms though


This should say I bought for my sister in 2016. I talk text. Needless to say I ramble and mumble.


im glad your sister is ok now :slight_smile:


Jeroen it may be placebo take it for a month or two… good going man…!!!