Going to look at a dog tomorrow

More of a companion - a social support animal. I will give the dog a good home and look after it, and in return I will have an animal in my life that I think will have a beneficial influence on me

I live alone, so having a dog is going to be a big thing for me

Always had them growing up, and this is the first opportunity that I have with a flexible job to have one!

If I get the boy I am going to call him Chester, Mason or Baxter

No idea on a girls name for a dog.


Good luck Joker. Like I said in your previous thread, I think a dog will be good for you as long as you have the time and the finances you need to look after one, which I assume you have concluded that you do have.

Let us know if you get one and show us some pics!


After you said I went on an animal protection charity website that told me exactly how much it will cost.

I can afford it.

My time is not spent well at the moment, so spending time with a dog even if it’s just watching tv together and going for walks sounds great to me.

There are so many places here. We have fields, countryside and the beach

He/she will also have a friend in my parents dog called Elle, and they will spend a lot of time together

There is a Doggy Hotel near where I work, and it’s £15 to look after the dog for a whole day!

So the day a week I am in the office, Chester (Or the girl TBC) can socialise


This sounds wonderful!


Therapy dogs are awesome. I hope you find a really good doggy.


I’m so happy for you. My fur baby is my world. As is my family of course. But my dog is the best dog ever! I absolutely love him. He’s my little baby.


If you are looking for an affectionate dog then I would go with a male.
Males are usually more affectionate than females.


I would suggest a cat, but they are not exactly support animals unless you’re into BDSM type relationships.


Sweet! Any specific breed you are after OP?

Dogs are great mine are always happy to see me and there are never too many tummy rubs.


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I am looking at A ‘Jackapoo’ cross breed. Only have the picture of 1 out of 2


Cool @Joker i hope you find a friend that will suit you well

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A dog is definitely good for your health. Wish you good luck with finding a right one.

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I think it’s a great thing to have a pet in your life so hope it goes well for you and the dog! Very cool.

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