Help clozapine said call the doctor afraid mom dosent care

No appetite 3 days no food basically afraid said call doctor immediately went yesterday but didnt include they just did blood work n stuff thought insertion every1 lying don’t tell me I I will die said call immediately but blood work and stuff but was confused and didn’t say anything

I’ve been off it for like 5 about too

Christian now take back all souls sorry

Force yourself to eat. Food is a body’s fuel. Just like a car needs gas. You don’t need physical problems ON TOP OF mental problems. Take care of yourself. Most people take their health for granted until they don’t have it. Just eat a little something. Good luck. If you can’t force yourself to eat they have these drinks in hospitals I’ve seen that are 8 ounces (a cup) that have 1000 calories each and they are fortified with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.These drinks are like milkshakes and they taste really good. The average person needs 2000 calories a day to be healthy.

I’m a German and my grandpa has the John Nash grin and I didn’t eat anything Samoan 2

Take care of yourself but reach out for help.

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Big head in there like frame

Wow English is great

Cool uhhh take clozapine? Sugar breat weakness and ate whole dozen of donuts here I told them that but what didn’t I tell u uhhh cigy uhhh sleep donuts weakness eat Mybe damn but r u sure it seems so hard fruity breath hearing a lot delusional

I. Double German English and vowels only history

Not me wait I can’t no anxious headaches real addicted therapist didn’t explain all skin

I hope you get through this…

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I ate doctor morning saosin I can tell don’t worry English smart Avalon in ur blood I find I real confortong

Anxious runescape forever real great typer in case my tv was changed

I don’t care to scare anyone

Well double sword damn I lost what it said its perfect time

“don’t worry” is good. Hang in there…

Well I love it aghhH

Hang in there and eat something good…

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