Going to a family function

I’m wasted and I’m going to a family function. Coffee will be my friend today I think. I showered a few days ago, and didn’t have the energy to shower today, so just put on deodorant. Ah, the thrills and spills of being low functioning.


I don’t really know you that well, but from what I’ve seen from you on here, you do not strike me as low functioning. I’d say today’s struggles are due to self-medicating with whatever caused you to be “wasted.” Just don’t drive drunk or high, that’s all I can ask for.


Yes you do not look low function,I thought your one of the well recovered member right here.Anyway it’s really great that your going to family function,I believe you would enjoy it

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No, just wasted from nothing. I don’t self medicate. Hence the low functioning. Back from the function now anyway. It’s fair to say that most of the talk was done by the women folk and the men folk including me didn’t really participate.

Yeah, you do not seem low functioning to me - self medicating won’t help your cause any

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I hate family functions, I usually avoid them. But my partner makes me go. I usually sit alone. When I was getting use to my medicine in 2012 my grandma died and I was scared to go to the funeral.

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Gl op. Wish you the best

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I ended up walking home from the last one, I ended up in a right state.

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Yeah, I was pretty uncomfortable. Maybe everyone was. I’m still trying to process what happened to be honest.

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Just got back from a rambunctious, boisterous family function.

They all seemed like bullies to me, although they didn’t do it to me. They were doing it to each other and enjoying it.

Reminded me of being a 5 year old boy being teased and bullied because I tried to help a girl who was injured

Who knew “real men” didn’t help women?!?

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Yeah! I felt there was a little bit of that going on.

I hate that kind of stuff too.

Just tried eating dinner with my mom and her crowd.

Bunch of 45+ year olds and bunch 17- year old kids.

Didn’t have a damn thing to say to any of them so I left without eating.

I’m not even going to play along with that world any more.

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Maybe you’ve hit the nail on the head. Like I said, it was mostly the women folk who were chatting. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say to the group in general though.

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I have a reunion I’ve been forced into tomorrow. It’s both sides of my wife’s families. I REALLY don’t want to go. I told my wife yesterday, in a half-kidding fashion that I’m not going to the reunion. Her response? “You ARE going to the damn reunion!” I guess it’s settled then. I’m going. :angry:

Best of luck, hopefully they’ll be friendly.

They’ll be friendly, but they are religious zealots. That doesn’t sit well with me. They like to make baiting comments. Just gotta bite my tongue, and act like I didn’t hear the idiocy.

Pity, if they were open to debate it could be interesting. But it sounds like you’re prepared, that’s what I want to be for my next family function. I.e. Prepared.

just remember your trousers … !?!
take care :alien: