Going outdoors

Slipping . Haven’t been out for ages except to put rubbish out. Stepdaughter asks me if I want to go shopping or she gets it. I am saying for her to get it. Did say the other day I should go out to shop but it was raining that day so she just went instead.
It’s like I’m not terrified of going out but given the choice will stay indoors.

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Why don’t you go outside so she won’t have to shop for you if you’re not scared of going outside?

I’m in the same boat if that’s any consolation. I leave the house about once a month to get my meds. Social isolation is a symptom so I try to not beat myself up over it.

Maybe tell yourself that you don’t have a choice, and that there’s no other option but to go out.
Just about everything that I do, have learned to do, I can do because I didn’t have a choice or I forced myself.
When I was raising my son, I had help but most of the responsibility still fell to me. I surprised myself with what I could do. It was for my son so the incentive was strong.
I hope you can go out soon, @firemonkey. It feels good to accomplish something you struggle with.


Even when I go outside she comes with me. We either walk to the nearest place to me or she drives me to another supermarket.
When I say I’m not scared I’m not scared with company. Going out on my own is a different matter. Real phobia about getting lost and trapped. . It doesn’t help that I have the directional sense of a drunken blind man.

Yes I know there is google maps but never have been able to work out how to use it on the phone I’m borrowing.
I’m not good with maps anyway. I need something that says turn left , straight ahead, turn right etc .

She sounds like a very kind stepdaughter. :slight_smile:
Are you going to celebrate Christmas with your family?


They are working Christmas day but will pop in to see me. We will have the Christmas meal on Boxing day.


my case worker is really trying to help me with going outside more often. I do leave the house every day, as I have a dog that needs walked/ran. I don’t spend much time outside at any given time, but I do leave the house every day, which I think is a good thing.

I know your dilemma, monkey

I often find it easier to go out at night once it’s dsrk. Do you think this would help ? Groceries stores and pharmacies are usually open at this time. But not really social circles.

I think even normies don’t like going outdoors. By that I mean, sure they get in their cars and drive to work or to the supermarket. But that isn’t outdoors they’re inside their safe cars or the supermarket. They don’t walk the streets, I’ve never seen my neighbours at the local corner shop. That’s how my neighbours are anyhow.

I only leave the house to buy cigarettes

I don’t like going out when it’s dark. The problem though is going out on my own.

I like outdoors, I rode my bicycle a lot in this year, I like to walk around outdoors, today I went to my local beach area that was all frozen. I like outdoors a lot, but I like indoors too, writing my notebook entries, browsing the net … I like our summers when the sun rises before 4 am.

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I see. We are all different in many ways. I also struggle with the direction thing though. But i have no idea what to suggest. It’s one of the things that prevents me from driving.

I wish I could give you solid advice.

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Some suggested Mapquest or Waze. The trouble is I only know how to make calls on the mobile I’m borrowing.
Mapquest would be crap anyway. Went on the site and typed my home address as the start destination. The suggestions given were all places in the USA!! Not much ■■■■■■■ good.
Waze seems to be for drivers.

I use google maps.

I haven’t left the house since last Wednesday except to walk the length of the driveway to get my mail.

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