Going off meds

Hm not sure what to say about this cos idk your psychotic experience well and stuff. But I heard it can be difficult to come off clozapine sometimes. Defo have a convo with ur pdoc beforehand. Well if you simply don’t come to ur appointment for the injection they may send the police after u…

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Sometimes people learn the hard way like I did when I ended up with even more medications than before.

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Why police for delusions?

You know you’ve been reacting to them you’ve been so scared you hid in the bathroom. You going to do what you want so I’m done advising

Yes. that only happened once though

And you’re talking about keeping weapons but you think you sane to come off meds

It was merely an intrusive thought

The pdoc thinks your delusions are serious enough to need aps. I suppose.

Especially as you are only 16. They may take that sort of authoritisation with the police.

This happened to someone I know of. The police came after this person because they did not arrive for the injection.

It’s not merely but your choice whatever you do good luck

I think theyre overreacting