Thats it! Im quitting meds

Yeah the title says it all. I dont think im mentally ill…

What makes you think you are not ill?

Because my doctors told me i have trauma and im being like a child…so dont think i dont know but if i so or do have psycosis. I


Thats what my mum said…but i think no

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You may be like a child
because you have hebephrenia/disorganized sz.
What’s your diagnosis?


Literally lol’d

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I dont even know…

See you in the hospital within 2 years



You’ve been on here since 2018.

How old are you?

Why are you on meds?


Nothing wrong with stopping meds. But not being aware of your condition makes it difficult for you to get back on meds if you need to in future.

I thought same thing.


Im 27…on meds for apparent psycosis. Had various diagnosis of sz or trauma related psycosis but they still unsure after 7 years

Your doctor is rude to say that you probably should look for a new psych doctor and if you have a psychosis diagnosis or on psych meds it’s for a reason you really shouldn’t go off it but I understand not feeling like your ill I get that to but it’s a symptom of the illness which kinda proves to you you have it be careful psychosis can get really bad you might hurt others and your self


Im really over everything…im running away to a different city tomorrow to get something that was stolen from me years ago…i have a one way ticket. Will be interesting

And i cant sleep…its 2am where i am…the clozapine has bad withdrawal effects grrr

If your gonna quit your meds - at least do it under the supervision of your primary carer. And make sure you pay close attention to your mental health.

And your on clozapine!? You should know they dont dish out that drug lightly - so there must be a reason your on it.

I wish you all the best - but i think your playing with fire mate.


Hi thank you for your input…ive quit clozapine before…i know what im in for but i am sick of judgemental and pigeon holeing "medical professionals " that dont even know what they are talking about! Yhey were trying to blackmail me so i gave them the middle finger.


Fair enough mate. Ive done the same. Just make sure you know when to call for help if
you go downhill.


Sounds like you are delusional but I hope I’m wrong.

Yeah…they think ill ‘implode’ without them! Ha as if i dont need them telling me what to do!