Going off meds

I decided to quit my meds entirely when I get out of the psych ward

If you feel like you have to do it, wean yourself off them slowly. You can get quite a rebound effect when you come off some of these med’s. Maybe you should talk to a mental health professional about it.


good luck with that… i think it could end badly though =/
but if you decided then i wish you good luck with it

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i feel like the meds never helped me so why not quit them

You can’t/won’t do that and everyone knows it.

You live in a foster home and they’re probably keeping you on injections anyway.

Stop starting drama.

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but you were just upping the clozapine… why not wait to see if that helps or not?

I will absolutely do it they wont prevent me anymore

I will quit the injection with drs approval

it doesnt help and one of the reasons why it doesn’t work is that they increase it very slowly

Good luck with that.


What are you looking to get out of this thread?

Nothing. :confused:

No, like, why did you make this thread? Did you want us to tell you not to? Did you just want attention? Did you want to convince others they should follow you?

I just want u to know I’m quitting meds so yall can choose for yourselves

How does us knowing you’re quitting meds affect us if you don’t want us to try to stop you?

It doesn’t affect u

I’m confused then. Why make this thread?

It’s for myself really

Maybe you should invest in a diary.

Maybe so …

Best of luck with that … let the doctor know.

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