Off all medication 😳 Withdrawal, and how to continue

For two-and-a-half-years I have dealt with so many drugs and all their horrible side effects.

The pdoc finally got me down to one medication (Closopine). I was starting to feel like I was again, with Seroquel, which I’m allergic to, and it took three months of me pucking for days every two weeks, for them to finally figure it out.

So I stayed nauseous for four months this time, (since Mid-December), and took myself off about 3 weeks ago, since no one else believes it could be the meds. I knew it was controversial, being my only medication, so I felt I had to keep it a secret. I should have told my pdoc, and I should definitely have weaned myself off!

I’m still sick, I know for a while it was withdraw, but I was ill before and I’m still ill. My stomach and body are extremely sensitive/unique to medication; some don’t work at all: nausea pills, sleeping pills, and benzos; anti-depressants and anti-psychotics tend to make me even more suicidal; adderal had no effect; didn’t feel much on morphine or norcos (I can’t believe the Dr. gave me morphine for a migraine, I told him a 7 in pain. I don’t know many docs that do that :thinking:).

One pill that has a real effect on me, is tramadol. I tried it for a while.

Anyone else been on Closopine? Anyone withdrawal from it?

I know I’m being careless by not being on at least one anti-psychotic, but since I quit, my mental capabilities are back to before I broke down and was diagnosed. I can hold conversations better. I’m more articulate while speaking. I’m back to thinking, and not worrying as much. If I ever want to go back to school, I think I’d have to go unmedicated. The meds just tear my brain apart!

I value my mind; I majored in psychology, it’s my ultimate passion. And maybe I’ve been feeling suicidal for 2 years (even though I’ve been diagnosed for 2&1/2 years) because I dropped out of college around then.

I was thinking of attending NAMI meetings, but with my social anxiety, I’m horrified. I went once, and caved under the pressure.

Good luck, man!

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Yeah, what she said -

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My brother was on Clozapine for a while, and he’s presently on Seroquel. He is extremely sensitive to meds, and the pdoc refused to acknowledge it, or care, so I made sure if my brother was switching meds, that he came off a med very slowly.
He couldn’t lower Seroquel faster than 25mg every 3 days or lower Clozapine faster than 12.5mg every 3 days without suffering withdrawals.

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I got clozapine for one can cause lot of weight(about 30 kilo in one year),stupidy disleksia(unable to read)other than that its good drug.but as ı said before you have to try invega sustenna.(xeplion)

Yo… Look into serotonin and GABA…

GABA is the brains natural neural inhibitor… Serotonin is the mood chemical…

Stay away from an unnatural neurotransmitters… Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, anything else beyond that…

Just my advice… it’s how I’m approaching it.

A good sleep aid is the only exception. Although I can’t handle the dreams on that stuff.

If taken at the appropriate time 5mg of melatonin and an ibuprohen can help relax you to sleep.

Just things to consider… this is my second day taking GABA and it’s going pretty smooth. I’m not allowing the unreality to reconstruct itself and it’s only getting easier.

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Haha! I took 25 Xanax (along with 50 extra pills in a suicide attempt) - never felt one bit tired. Melatonin 10-20 mg, no effect. Restoril (tamazapam) was working a little, but not anymore. Ambient just makes me black out and roam the house.

But I’ll look into what you said. I’m going to tell my pdoc, I’m absolutely done with stupid ■■■■■■■ meds!

I will be attending the next NAMI meeting. There is one called Family to Family. In that meeting one family teach another family about schizophrenia.I value my mind too. I just feel like Im not like myself when Im not working and dont have motivation. So Im gonna try the Support Groups at NAMI. They have another one called Peer to Peer too.

You should try it too.

Wow I thought meds cloud us I’d rather be on nothing just waiting game for me

How long have you been off clozapine? When I dropped all my meds I actually did amazingly well for like a month. No symptoms at all. Then everything came back and now I’m going back on an antidepressant at least.

Medication withdrawal can be dangerous…going off Abilify gave me bad anxiety, weird shooting pains and crashed me into a depressive episode bad enough to put me in a hospitalization program. Going off risperdal caused my psychotic symptoms to spike after about a week and I quickly had to be put on latuda. Quitting that also caused a brief spike in psychotic symptoms. See a pattern? Dropping meds cold turkey is a bad idea. But I completely understand being very fed up with side effects. You need to be forceful with your providers. Tell them either they can help you wean off the med or you are going to drop it just like you’re doing now. That’s basically what I had to do to my therapist after she just kept telling me to wait for it to go away, and now she’s finally agreed to help me wean off if I can’t handle side effects because she’s so tired of me dropping and then going crazy lol.