Goals-where do you stand?


Who here has goals and is pursuing them? Can think of goals but motivational issues get in the way? Struggles to think of goals and have a vision of the future?

I very much fall in the third category in that I struggle to think of goals. The only one I can ever come up with falls strongly into the second category.
How important do you think having and pursuing a goal or set of goals is to the recovery process and mental well being?


My goal is to get even more stable, and physically healthier :smile:


I don’t think they’re necessary for treatment, but they do help. Having a goal helps you get out of bed in the morning. I have some vague goals about writing, but I need to put more work into if I am going to succeed.


Goals don’t work for me.


what makes us both so negative,is it that we are realistic of our expectation or is it because both of us are negative person??I seem post of both of us quite quite similar,but hope we end up better



wanderlust. thanks for the link. I bookmarked it onto my computer. very informative.



I once spoke with a counselor in college years ago and he said it is an individual thing, some people are just more goal oriented.



I’m left standing out in the rain.
My goals must be interfereing with some higher-ups goals.
Obviously what I want isn’t going to happen anytime soon as long as others believe in all that’s shiny.


I feel that I’m just getting used to where I’m standing now. I bet goals might help… It’s something to strive for. But goals have to be realistic and not influenced by well meaning family.

My goal is usually to make today better then yesterday and make tomorrow better then today.


my first goal is to get up in the morning lol

after that everything is a chore :stuck_out_tongue:


My goal is to lose weight and stop phoning my family when I get a bit stressed. It winds them up


it is very important, but it is important that they are realistic ( not sz realistic !.not…lala…land ) .
take care :alien:


I wish to become a pure entity who is kind and knowledgeable.

And to set us all free.

And i wish to become an immortal being as well.

We must organize all into the same interconnected goal that we can all collectively benefit from.


My goals are rather concrete: finish my paralegal certificate program, get a new job in a law firm (or something legal), and probably become a paralegal.

I’ve considered going into law school as well, but at the moment it is “unrealistic.” I remind myself, “One step at a time” all the time.



Well, in my case I have had goals for many years; but my main problem has been my avolition; sometimes I feel anguish when I must accept this symptom.


Uh…I want to become a clinical psychologist and am doing absolutely everything I should be doing right now to become one by the time I am 30.

Without my goals, I am a useless.

Yeah life sort of sucks in general, but I am not done, not till I’ve finished peeing.


Goals are important-it`s not how big your goals are, it just gives you something to look forward to, and a feeling of accomplishment.
A goal could be anything…**



I have a few goals. I want to finish losing some weight. I want my degree. I want to get out of debt.
I’m close to fulfilling all three of those.
Long term? I want to work until I’m 62 and then retire.