Having goals

When I was young I was full of dreams and ambitions in life. I wanted a good job and a good wife, and a family. I did a lot to make my dreams come about.
But now that I am older and have schizophrenia, I have to have new ambitions and a new sense of purpose.
I would like to find a very special woman and we would have a mutual and rewarding relationship without too much discord.
Also I would like to have plenty of interesting activities to do, and have the motivation to do them.
I really need goals if I am to be happy.


Goals are good for me as long as they’re realistically planned out and not impulsive spur of the moment type goal. My goal currently is probably to live one day at a time and keep improving. I have no financial or career goals that are real. My goals are all for my well being which I’m gonna have to figure out with my intuition

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I already failed the goals that I recently set out for myself. Had to take a break from my job, take care of my mental health… I wish I had more commitments but now all I have is day treatment once per week. Damn I wish I could work like I did before… I guess I have no goals for now.

@anon62973308 Sorry to hear how you have so little to do every week. I hope it improves. I shouldn’t complain actually, because my life in general is pretty good. I just feel down whenever I am not busy. I know this is wrong.
I have had boredom over the years but now it is making me depressed.

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My goals are:

To be a millionaire by the time I die.
To learn to memorize music pieces on the piano.
To visit Israel, Spain and Ireland.
To go on a world tour of art museums.


If the millionaire goal is truly achievable I want to know your secret.

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@anon12381882, I took my SSDI backpay and invested it in an ETF fund years and years ago. I also contribute funds to it every month and have been doing so for many years. I will, in all likelihood, never be a millionaire. But, I can dream.


I have never been an ambitious person and only ever really wanted to become a wife and mum.

Nowadays I just set small achievable goals such as being able to drive my car, go grocery shopping and going out for coffee. Now that I can do these things my next goal is moving out on my own again and getting involved in community activities. Goals are important - no matter how small.


Stay employed, finish my degree, make a friend, stay independent.
Kid’s and my own family? Most likely won’t happen but I don’t have a strong desire for those anyways. I need to get in better shape because I need more energy. I lost some weight, I want to lose more. My personal goals are to be a good person, I have a bit of a temper, I didn’t really inherit my dads bad temper, my sister got that. I have lost my temper lately, both my sisters commented I’ve been meaner lately, I was surprised when I heard that but they’re probably right. I will work on controlling that.

But yeah, I run into people lately who seem to appreciate some aspects of me and treat me good and that makes me happy.

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I try to operate with little goals. Most involve exercise and bettering yesterday but I don’t plan big things. I can if I need too but find existing is a game in itself.

I think, at least for me , that having no expectations leads to better outcomes. You can’t be dissapointed with things but you can be surprised. Not just semantically. I think if you live without expectations life becomes a lot easier.

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