Goals are important,I would like to share mine

I had three long term goals,which was set 8 months ago,they are
•I want to become a happy and positive person
•I want to have a romantic relationship with someone
•I hope to have a successful career

It’s not easy and I don’t know if I can met the goals.But I will work to achieve these

I also would like to play more football/soccer,it is my hobby


I hope having a goal can let me have a direction and be more purposeful…what are your longterm shortterm goals in life?


Excellent idea! I wish you the best GTX.

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I’m going to study to get better job options. Office thing has been terrible waste, dead end and just little bit of money. (Think my disability may cancel in 2 years as threatened by social worker here. This is what happens for going to work in city up the road on SSDI I heard, you get screwed. Unable to confirm anything except got sick letter from SSDI office in that city…UH-OH! I’m blessed to have a little time IMHO.)

Walk every day to take down weight. I’m disabled big again due to kept up all night too many times & unable to exercise when my schedule allowed, only able to get thru work at time.

Self-therapy, reframe, avoid and ignore the barking dog zombies who stalk people around neighborhood – need to be stronger not whinier. Walk with headphones but too afraid of the loose dogs. Some of the nutiest have let go of leash on me…Fought it off but not bitten. Glad I had big dog experience & soccer practice.

Cheapskate – Have lots of debt from latest move I terminated after a week. Southern Colorado is severely screwed up, that town was wrong.


Good luck,@stillperlin,it seems your doing okay and are seeking improvement in your life and your not staying stagnant,all the best to you

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Those are great goals… Are you journaling or sort of writing down the steps your taking to get there?

Goals are in the distance… that we set our sights on… a map sure does help us get there sooner.

Good luck and those sound like very good and achievable things.

I’m glad you posted this… It’s reminded me to take some time today and reassess my position on my goal map. How far I’ve come… how far I’ve got left… and have some new goals been added?

It’s not that I don’t have any goals any more… I’ve been too busy to be mindful of them. Slipping into the day to day routine.

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My goals are to return to work, get more physically active, and get out of this depression. I’m taking small baby steps towards these goals.

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i will plan for ways to reach my goal and list them down,thanks for reminder.Your right,mapping it down could help me get to the goals sooner…I will do that

@skims I am glad your goal is all very important to recover and live a full life…it seems your making steps towards your goal,good luck!!

Since these are all kind of big life change goals, I’ve broken down the steps to the goal into smaller achievable steps. And I don’t beat myself up over them, especially the getting active goal. I take it day by day.

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My goals sound like symtpoms of my illness.

I am taking the GRE and LSAT and will be applying to clinical psychology PhD programs as well as law schools.

I am working on a thesis to beef up my resume, it’s on stigma interventions.

My main goal is to get my Bachelor of Science degree. If I keep pushing along I’ll get done in August. This session with school has been hard. I just don’t want to do it. But I’m halfway through with A’s in both classes. When I talked to Financial Aid to see about taking a break it would cost way too much. I can’t afford it. For some reason it’s a lot cheaper to do school the way I’m doing it now. I’ve been taking classes almost straight for the past three years with a one to two week break in between sessions. It’s just getting to me now that I’m almost done.

My other goal is to do well with my internship. My “boss” really likes my work so I’m doing good with that.

Ultimately I just want a good job and a family of my own. Things are going well with Jason too so I think my goals will someday be a reality. :sun_with_face: