" I've no goals " and, I keep saying " I've no goals " thus I try to eliminate delusions and live free

" I’ve no goals " and, I keep saying " I’ve no goals " thus I try to eliminate delusions and live free.

Youre saying you take pressure off yourself to feel better? Ive done the same thing. By putting pressure on myself I drive myself CRAZY. Now I still have goals, but they’re more tangible. Like good health, good hygiene, a part time job, a girlfriend, etc… but I don’t say I’m gonna be an astronaut anymore.

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Being an astronaut was like my eternal goal, living forever, making unlimited clones, storing unlimited memories, playing unlimited games etc and etc

Now just,

I’ve no goals.

And, play Age Of Mythology.

Why am I not starting AOM and moving/walking nonsensically and having intense delusions?

Now no goals makes me start AOM.

Why do I resign the game or make no progress?

Same as above… no goals means I find a way to win.

Now, after all these years I am come to realization that

No goals is like questioning

written goals and to be written goals…

Written goal of our heart, kidneys etc is to do this or that function

no goals makes me understand there are desired and undesired written goals and have to make a choice.

Making a choice… going on a path to unwritten goals

no goals is seeing the simple tangible goal…

Yes, I’ve no goals and, I see the simple reason why desired goal doesn’t happen.

Having a goal gives me delusions and analysis

no goal no analysis

just seeing that I got to do this

I got to do this

I got to do this