Enough depressing posts...what are your goals?

There’s been a trend lately of unhealthy enabling on here. Thought I might try to shake things up a bit. What goals do you have to further your recovery? What are y’all doing to help yourselves? Me, I’m returning to college in the fall to go after a bachelor’s in Biology. It’s been my dream to get a science-field job, and I’d like to take that degree and go work for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency for those of you wondering what the hell the EPA is) or the Department of the Interior. I tried my hand at college a few years ago, and had to drop out, because going to school was not paying the rent, so I ditched school for a full-time job. I did well at English, and it rips at my heartstrings to see the English language butchered, where simple words are replaced by text-speak. Anybody else on here wanting to go to school/work to better themselves?


What degree do you need to work at a water plant? That is the the type of work I want to get into. :potable_water:

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Hi Beans! I would have to guess to work at a water plant (I’m thinking purification), you’d need either a degree in Chemistry or microbiology. Chemistry is my second love. I got a 4.06 in Advanced Placement Chemistry in high school, but I can’t hack the high level of math needed. I’m fine up and through trigonometry, but when we start getting into Calculus, my math skills become unraveled. Thanks for sharing your aspirations!

Good for you. You are one of the fortunate ones who is able to attend school. As for me, I want to write and illustrate children’s books. I am an artist and have done some writing, editing in the past. I am on an upward swing right now so I sat down to draw today. Have some ideas written down. I am not going to take anything for granted though. I am taking things slowly.


My goal is to finish my writing projects and get one of them published and write at least one poem a week.


Get my AA degree, 5 classes to go.


I am just starting back and going for horticulture so I can not really get up the ladder, but more like go sideways on the ladder.
I want to keep going to therapy so today will always be better then yesterday. I want to eventually teach an art class at the local community center for fun.


I can only talk about short term goals for now. Cannot foresee into the future.

Now that i have a part time job and can cook something for myself, i would like to pick up more daily living skills. In the next two months, I want to do some housework everyday and go out for a daily walk. Likely this is enough for me to look up to.


My first dream was to be an author, it sounded nice.

My second dream was to be a musician.

Another one was to be a hockey player, i was fairly good at it actually, assistant captain i was.

Now my life is ruined and i don’t want to do it anymore, and i would never do this again given a choice.

I am currently an undergrad seeking a degree in psychology. I hope to go on to graduate school, so that I can eventually become a psychologist and help people who are hurting. I also have a goal of finding a good therapist. The one I have now is tied to a clinic where I also see a psychiatrist. It is a clinic that accepts Medicaid, so not very good.

Its called depressive realism. And it cannot be talked about enough. Don’t sweep our thoughts up and throw them out. We need the connection and we need to be on this level together. It’s not depressing. This is reality.


I like that…healthy enabling.

You sit here long enough and you see the same shite day after day. That isn’t a bad thing really but ground hog day is a real possibility and most folks who are doing well move on sooner or later…

Seriously. I’m just seeing this site after a long history but I like you moxy! Saying that…I’m incredibly stable and do a couple of days volunteer at my cricket club. It’s not glamorous and it’s basically sitting on my ass on a ride on mower going round in circles…

I’m proud I can do so much and it’s not a bad cop!

Most days I try to do exercise and I’m a captain of a c grade cricket team and do well…considering…

I suffer poorly from negatives and kudos to all you people doing well! Positives are junk in my world…they affect me less…negatives bite my balls and keep me from working and such…hard to do much sleeping 12 hours a day on schizophrenic meds…and I do well!

A friend in the struggle,


These words don’t speak for me. I guess I never fit in though.

my goal is to fully recover and to help others recover.

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My goal is to complete my current module of my degree then get through the residential school. To continue working on cbt and do experiments to enable my recovery and become well to my best ability. To continue taking meds. To become more sociable and to get out in the world/stop hiding in my house. To go backpacking with my dad in June for the first time since I became unwell. I want to go to college part time in september and complete an access to higher education course in art and design to get experience in different art techniques and build up a port folio so once I’ve finished both that and my degree, I can apply to do a masters in Art psychotherapy so I can specialise in helping people with psychosis recover or atleast gain control and acceptance of their illness through creativity. I also want to help people with dementia express themselves. That’s my goals for the next few years.

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No, it’s not reality. It’s people feeding each others delusions. If your thoughts are not reality based then they do need to be swept up and thrown out.

There should be zero unhealthy enabling here. It’s time to call people out when they are being bizarre and delusional. The time for hand holding and patting each other on the back is over.

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Im sorry if people are raining on your sunshiny world. The reality is Schizophrenia is a serious disorder with many disabling symptoms. Not everyone is going to be the same way, have the same symptoms. Most people going to college, joining gyms and participating in social settings DO NOT HAVE DISABLING NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS.
Its as simple as this. We should never lose hope and we should be positive, but everyone is going to be different when it comes to their symptoms and how they handle it. Believe me when I tell you this - Having Negative symptoms and depression makes it very difficult to dance under a rainbow filled sky.
With that said, I plan on getting involved with Art more, go to town, visit different stores more and not isolate my self as much - Im going to push forward when I can


Do you even know what unhealthy enabling means?

I can get behind the general idea on this one. There are a few times I’ll read a post and see… “Oh dear, this poor person’s wheels are coming off today.”

But I always think that most of the people here are fighters. We’re kicking the circus out of town the best we can. (in my case, reducing their noise levels)

That post from the SzAdmin really stuck with me. We’re here, typing mostly coherent sentences, logically discussing problems and problem solving and even when some of us are having one hell of a bad day, we’re here typing and trying to focus on something other then our fractured head. That is huge. I think we’re doing really well.

I’ve been through some rabid and barely functional years. For some reason (luck, meds, therapy, amusement of the gods) I somehow got out of my wax build-up. (aka negative symptoms) and now I get to try and maintain this.

We were all thrown different cards. I’d like to think we’re playing our hands to the best of our abilities.


I understand people struggle. But there is a real unhealthy atmosphere around here sometimes. People start sharing their delusional thinking, and instead of trying to help each other get back to reality, they just reinforce each others delusional thoughts. No good can come of that.

This place should be one of healing, and how can you heal when people are agreeing with your delusions, reinforcing them, and joining in?