Glitch in the matrix?

all the time for example whenever
i watch the tv and i switch
my head, i notice triple numbers or sometimes rare
4 digits. on the clock.
its even going further because my clock
equipped with a thermometer. and its even
displaying 22,2 or 33,3 deg celcius.
I know about numerology
and that our brain could be just displaying
pattern regonition.

But this often?, its only on times when
im idle and almost pulled to look at the clock
so i recently try to make photo`s as
quick as possible
i wonder what it is …

It’s like old times.

Beforehand, going back several years, I used to live on a street named Lucifer Drive. That was when all hell in my life broke loose.

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. Suddenly my favorite Subway sandwich now cost $6.66 after taxes. So I thought that it was just a stupid coincidence. Next, my favorite Wendy’s combo now cost $6.66 after taxes. However, this was just the beginning.

What the heck is going on I said.

So I got into gematria, specifically English gematria. Here, for instance, BEGIN = 222, GOD = 156.

But I said that I’ll get into that a bit deeper a bit later on. At the moment I have a doctor’s appointment so I have to get off my butt right now and head to his office.

On the way to the doctor’s office I had to stop at the lights several times. One time I noticed that the car ahead of me had the number 156 as part of the license number. What a coincidence I said. Then I looked off to the van that was right next to me in the slow lane and it had a big 156 as part of its advertising phone number on the side. This is ridiculous I said. Enough of this nonsense because I have a doctors appointment to get to and I think I am going to be late.

I then looked at my watch and it was 1:56.

After that was when I began to crack the Bible Code.

Here is an example.

Explore the truth, or not.

I’m certainly glad my psychosis has never got numerical…for math is my kryptonite and that would be true hell I imagine. I’d just be flashing back to flash cards in elementary school days…what’s 7 times 3? I don’t knooooooooooooooow!


i havent heard about gematria as an explaination
for those number sequences iam seeing for some time now.
its kinda strange that gematria is from the same period of the kabbalah.
and that someone from my former education group also pointed me to the kabbalah.

im intresssted too find out, but at the same time.
like mussel also writes, im also not good in math.

maybe it is best too just describe those numbers sequences
as an different experience without labeling them with any
meaning, but that is the hard part of it since it happens
so often.

It’s a different code language and it gets even more interesting once you also use
(E)quidistant (L)etter (S)equencing as part of your word search setup.

But despite that in code form it says that the father is God, the lord is Christ, the mark of Christ is Christ, the mark of God is the one God, etc, people just aren’t interested.

By the way, concerning the first example of The Father and 156. What this means is that if you search the KJV Bible in the New Testament for the words “The Father”, you will find them 156 times. And by no coincidence GOD = 156 if using the English Gematria.

But like I said, people just aren’t interested.

If, however, studying the codes provided each person with say $600,000.00 a year for doing so, then people would be interested. Today it’s all about selfishness. If something is of infinite value, well that does not mean anything to anyone unless that value ends up in your hands in the hear and now in cash form.

Thus any proof of the existence of God is currently only accepted if it is in cash form.

By the way, by looking in the direction of pure truth, I also discovered a hidden code mastered by
Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

Its meaning is far to complex for you to see without years of informative education.

Anyway, my discovery is now found on the Wiki coverage of Virgin of the Rocks.

See and access “flashing overlay of the versions” in the
external links section.

In short, I have overlapped the two versions, Paris and London, after matching their scale. You will see the alternating from one to the other.

Or look at it right now. ( The damn system seems to only show only one image, thus rejects Gif animation, so head off to Wiki to see the real deal ) Or click on image to bring it to life.

Two separated different sized paintings,
yet when scaled and overlapped, the impossible occurs.

The next step was to crack the code concerning the entirety of reality. That too I did.
But unfortunately, society today demands that we all be morons, thus in turn you will not accept the possibility that I did what I did, because in your mind no one individual is allowed to be that smart.

How stupid is that ?

Synchronicity at work. thanks for the 222s… I got 2200 today which is 1100 + 1100 which is also an 11:11.
11:11 is a number that I and many others get often. i have gotten 11:11 regularly in numerous places the past 11 years actually…(April 2003 this started when i met my late wife)
I was with my first wife 11 years and my second wife 11 years.
I often get 11 of 11 in my posts but unfortunately not in this thread, darn it!
But I get about half my posts as the 11th for some reason and i dont plan it. I get 7s a lot too.
I got a ticket once with 11:11 as the time of the stop.
In 1981 on 1/11 I moved out of the 11th floor of a building whose windows form 11:11…that was probably my first 11:11 awakening

333 and 444 sometimes occur.
I rarely get 666 though I have gotten it on a couple store receipts and at the gas pump just happened to look up when it said $ 6.66 Not enough to count

Oh wow, I just realized from the day of my wifes death to the day I met the one I now Love was 11 months and 1 day…111
And when i sent her the directions to my place i noticed on google just below it was a site with the years 1911 - 2011.
And, I am looking forward to the 11th day from now…

No, that cant all possibly be coincidence… and i only listed a few of the 11;11 phenomenon.

LOL, I just noticed i posted that last edit at 11:00 pm…its now 11:01

yeah its weird.
yesterday i noticed again 22,2 deg celcius and wanted too take a photo of it,
but when i had the event in focus it changed in 22,1 deg celcius.
also the same occured with an triple number of time.

I’ve seen this a few times this year when I check the weather website…I’ve got screen shots of 2 of them

yes that is strange.

note, 111 granted autobiographers.

I get the numbers too (the 11:11 and 7). The odd thing is that I get them in groups over a few weeks ever so often. Like I’ll look at the clock or any source of digital numbers and see 11:11, 7:11 or any combination there of many times in a row. This will happen for days until it just stops randomly. For instance, I haven’t seen 11s or 7s in those configurations for almost a week now.

Also, an intretesting one: 9:11.
Since September 11th, it’s commonly shown as ‘9-1-1’ mathematically, 9 - 1 - 1 is 7. The other awesome part is 9 + 1 + 1 is 11. So…yea.

The closest I got to figuring it all out, is that some force, being, or group is able to manipulate the world at will during those times. If you think about it, you look at the clock at those times as if you were manipulated to. The action was spontaneous, and maybe right before, you get an odd feeling before seeing the time. Or something of special meaning happens at those times or dates. Even when you see those numbers anywhere not just the clock.

thats what i was thinking too, it mostly happens when im idle.
not really aware of my thoughts, like say thoughts just flow.
like staring at the tv.

thats when i look at a clock. and then i am shocked and
activly thinking about those digits, and what my thoughts where before i looked.

Please take this to private messages.

hi malvok.

i do not understand why should this discussion, be taken to private messages?

You guys are just feeding each others delusions. This isn’t a conspiracy site nor a place to reinforce false beliefs. While discussing a delusion is ok, it should be in terms of seeking support and relief, not in coordinating with others in an attempt to prove these false beliefs are true.

yes i can see your point.

I find support and relief in the fact that im not the only one with this kind of “delussion”
yet i find it remarkable that others have similiar delussions.

I think exploration is what they are practicing

As I have mentioned in my physics videos, thinking that a car can stop, then move, then stop again, is a delusion. Even seeing this happen right before you, is an hallucination. In actual fact, the car is moving at the speed of light at all times. Most of that motion is across the dimension known as Time.

But most folk do not explore the concept known as motion and thus do see it for what it is, thus they remain happy with the ongoing practice of being delusional and experiencing hallucinations.

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We are in motion even when perfectly still. the stillness is actually an illusion (Not a delusion).

"As schoolchildren, we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour. In addition, our solar system–Earth and all–whirls around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour. As we consider increasingly large size scales, the speeds involved become absolutely huge!

The galaxies in our neighborhood are also rushing at a speed of nearly 1,000 kilometers per second towards a structure called the Great Attractor, a region of space roughly 150 million light-years (one light year is about six trillion miles) away from us. This Great Attractor, having a mass 100 quadrillion times greater than our sun and span of 500 million light-years, is made of both the visible matter that we can see along with the so-called dark matter that we cannot see."

that’s the macrocosm in motion and here’s the microcosm in motion.

“All things are made of atoms — little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another. In that one sentence, you will see, there is an enormous amount of information about the world, if just a little imagination and thinking are applied.”
Richard Feynman
Lectures in Physics"

then there is the quantum:

"Faster-than-light (also superluminal or FTL) communications and travel refer to the propagation of information or matter faster than the speed of light. Under the special theory of relativity, a particle (that has rest mass) with subluminal[1] velocity needs infinite energy to accelerate to the speed of light, although special relativity does not forbid the existence of particles that travel faster than light at all times (tachyons).’

Superluminal speeds are an explanation for prophecy, or knowing an event before it happens - a scientific explanation of precognition. Information traveling at SL actually arrives to the ‘prophet’ BEFORE the event takes place via a ‘teleportion’ of the information, or as the Bible says that God knows the end from the beginning, God being the creator of these complex yet simple designs woven into the very fabric of our universe.

"Einstein showed that the time and position at which one thought an event occurred, depended on how one was moving. This meant that time and space, were inextricably bound up with each other. The times that different observers would assign to events would agree if the observers were not moving relative to each other. But they would disagree more, the faster their relative speed. So one can ask, how fast does one need to go, in order that the time for one observer, should go backwards relative to the time of another observer. The answer is given in the following Limerick.

There was a young lady of Wight,
Who traveled much faster than light,
She departed one day,
In a relative way,
And arrived on the previous night.
~ Stephen Hawking

What they often fail to realize when they say you need an infinite amount of energy to proceed beyond the speed of light once you approach the speed of light, the thing is that the energy of the cosmos becomes available to whatever is at that point of the speed of light, thus propelling one beyond.

Click your cursor at the end of your sentence and click it to the beginning of your sentence. like magic it is there… It is using energy, albeit a small amount compared to what we are discussing.
In the big picture click here, then click a thousand light years away, transferring the information from one part of the space time continuum to another.

Also, offering an explanation for information of actual future events being perceived by someones mind before the event takes place… and also offers a solution to the energy dilemma

"One curious effect is that, unlike ordinary particles, the speed of a tachyon increases as its energy decreases. In particular, E approaches zero when v approaches infinity. (For ordinary bradyonic matter, E increases with increasing speed, becoming arbitrarily large as v approaches c, the speed of light). Therefore, just as bradyons are forbidden to break the light-speed barrier, so too are tachyons forbidden from slowing down to below c, because infinite energy is required to reach the barrier from either above or below.

As noted by Einstein, Tolman, and others, special relativity implies that faster-than-light particles, if they existed, could be used to communicate backwards in time"

All that to say, yes, we are moving at all times, and in many ways…

What false belief? If a person keeps looking at different devices and seeing repeating numbers, that is a reality. That is happening. And I would LIKE TO discuss that reality with them in a way that other people can also.
A false belief would be to be reliant upon an assumption to the source of the happening… though I would also like to discuss things that might not be possible. Such as government control, or dear mother earth’s magnetic field shifting, in a way that we are prompted to look at the clock at precisely 11:11. Or maybe it’s just psychological prompting + other coincidences. I would like to know.