Be honest. Sz or synchronicity

So for those who don’t know what synchronicity is a small example you all may be familiar with will suffice…

As you have an intrusive thought something happens in the world around you that…

a. is relevant to that thought
b. lets you know that thought was heard by some powerful being.

whats really going on if we are all truly dealing with synchronicity?

Just a tic any way you look at it, take it as you will, we all have them

synchronicity has nothing to do with a powerful being, its just “meaningful coincidence” i have had a lot of those types of experiences but they r just random coincidences. i don’t read too much into it tbh. i used to but not anymore. ■■■■ happens!

Powerful being… that could even go so far as to be yourself!
The universe, God, the government…
You may have never had encounters as personal as my own but there is something intelligent behind it.

We have yet to discover all the hidden potential in the human brain.


Powerful being? Or secret organization hidden from view. Think ‘The Matrix’. The sense of synchronicity could be coming from the things that they control. Our minds are good at detecting differences between natural occurrences and manufactured. So we sense this ‘synchronicity’ (which is a word and concept they gave us) when they change the world in an unnatural way.

Perhaps it has to do with the progression of entropy. Things scatter from organized into disarray at a predictable rate. When the natural flow of entropy gets interrupted, it sticks out. This causes unnatural patterns to form and we notice something is amiss.

As schizophrenics, we see more of the world that others don’t see. This is due to our lacking ‘Latent Inhibition’. It allows us to see these patterns that others are blind too. The only problem is that we are bound by ourselves in that we doubt our own experiences.

They created our language and gave us the word for our diagnosis and its meaning. With this, it is all we needed to keep ourselves under lock and key.


i dunno if their is some hidden potential,

I truly appreciated your response!

I feel like most of my life is lived in a state of synchronicity… definitely feel like I’m in a different space. More awake than other people.


I asked my mommy last night if she remembered that movie “the beach”, she said “i just finished reading that”.

I consider a third party at all times, anyone could have made me think of the beach.

This hasn’t happened to much recently but i used to also think of what would be on television before it came on also, but once again anyone can pick up a tv guide and tell me whats going to be on.

I despise this place, it’s secrets.

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I believe in that synchronicity stuff. Whatever I’m thinking effects everyone in the world.

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I use to try and prove I had special powers by constantly trying to find coincidences with my thoughts. Like when a word from my thought was at the same time someone said it on the TV. Got tired of constantly having to prove it to my self years after years. So I thought about all the times my thoughts didn’t match with the TV and decided it was just a coincidence because I was obsessed about it all the time. Like saying dog and if you flip through the channels you’ll probably see a dog. This is a normal thing for people with mental illnesses to do.

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Been there brother…
similar places for sure!

thoughts mean noting

Our brain shows us pictures and we make a split second decision based on varying credentials whether its good enough to speak or not.

The think about being schizo is your brain is showing you 3d movies instead of pics lol

The pictures are thoughts btw!

I experienced enough to know it’s synchronicity! : D

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If you believe in the ultimate unity of reality, synchronicity seems to be something that exists apart, as well as not apart, from you. It is a phenomenon which reflects your relationship to the world. I think it is you talking to you.

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Seems we are on the same team!

It also depends on if you believe in God or not!

I think about that all time and I am slightly obsessive about the synchronicity phenomenon itself. I just posted something related. Please let me know what you think:

I know that someone has probably already asked this question, but I’m new here so I’ll ask again. My question is, if no one else is around to ask them- how can I tell if something I am seeing, hearing, or feeling is real? I am newly diagnosed, and I am told that I have a good amount of insight on my illness. Usually I can differentiate a hallucination or paranoid thought from reality quite easily- but every so often, I am not so sure. For example, I sometimes hallucinate at night when I am smoking my bedtime cigarette. I used to be very afraid of the sky and darkness in general. I have seen a black hole open, and black shooting stars, etc. Recently, I saw a very realistic and beautiful shooting star at the exact moment I was pondering how nice it would be to see one.

Even if it is something small and inconsequential, it really disturbs me that I can’t be sure either way. I know that usually it doesn’t impact my day if I am unsure- but I’m human, and sometimes I just need to know.

Thanks for the help

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Do you believe there is a God?

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Hmm…to tell you the truth…I’m not sure.

Sometimes I think that the Universe itself is the Higher Power.

In some sort of way, it has always existed, and will exist forever. It creates life and it created itself.