Are they delusions or ideas of reference?

Since September 2014 I experienced many fascinating coincidences. I had diagnoses of schizotypal disorder or sometimes even (paranoid or unprecised) schizophrenia, probably because of them. I take psychotropic drugs regularly last months, but these mysterious phenomena still happened.

I concluded that important “groups” of my coincidences were associated with:

  • geometrical sequences,
  • arithmetical sequences,
  • prime numbers,
  • numbers 21 and 7,
  • 3, 6, 9 (an arithmetic sequence with three terms and sum 18)
  • 21, 42, 84 and its descending counterpart, 84, 42, 21 (fascinating geometric sequences)
  • 33, 42, 51,
  • 6, 13, 20,
  • 13 and 31,
  • Thabit numbers (also known as 321 numbers).

Below I describe rather “fresh” example of coincidences.

14.10.2018 - I saw Big Hole encounter in certain computer game made in Russia. On it there was body of Ira Kane with shampoo. There were also rock and rope. 18.10.2018 I found Polish word for shampoo in third link for query with English transliteration of Russian name of certain creature from the game in which Big Hole was present. On page about “Engrish” I saw word “shampoo” the same day. Next day I thought about shampoo in a large shop and some moments later I heard advertisements of two shampoos. 22.10.2018, three days later, I thought about shampoo again in the same shop and some moments later again I heard advertisements of two shampoos!

4.5.2019, about 5 p.m., I checked if there was image of black cat on item found in remains of sergeant Kong in other encounter from the same Russian game. The encounter was named “Dear John”. Black cat’s image was present on the item, the film was from the same channel on YouTube as the film from 14.10.2018. Few moments later i typed query chicken-kicken (without quotation marks) in Google and in results there was a link to the film named “The legend of Big John”.

In V 2019 I saw screenshot of Giant Egg special encounter from the same computer game. On the screenshot in left down part of it there was such a text:

  • You see: Egg.
  • This heavy egg stuck in the hole and now will not
    move anywhere.
  • You see: Hole.
  • Obviously, a hole dug by animals. Hardly you’ll fit

When I typed name of a very similar game to that with Big Hole, “Dear John” and Giant Egg and the word eggs in Google (without quotation marks), I saw link to the page about certain sort of “eggs” (references to popular culture) in that game. I opened that link and first “egg” was about the logo on which there were numbers 5 and 23 on left side and number 421 on right side. I nicknamed it “giant egg”. Earlier (since about winter 2018/2019) I had coincidences with triplet interestingly similar to 5, 23, 421 - 7, 29, 139.

In last post I haven’t written so much about my coincidences, so now I describe them more.

14.10.2018 I saw a film in which there was fighting with certain monsters which have two-word Polish name. First part of their name has the same first two letters as Polish word for shampoo, in addition, last three letters in the first part of the name of creatures from the game are the same as last three letters in Polish name of shampoo.

In late 2018 or early 2019 (I do not remember when it was exactly) I typed English transliteration of the name of a creature from Russian game again (it is other creature than that which has Polish name somewhat similar to Polish word for shampoo) in the search engine and coincidence with shampoo happened again! In descriptionthird link in results there were two words “shampun” (a sort of English transliteration of Russian word for shampoo) and one word “shampoo”! So the coincidence with shampoo became larger.

In X 2018 I nicknamed shampoo “V” in certain forum. Probably in late 2018 I looked at comments in certain dictionary and earliest comment was about the word which has the same first two letters as Polish word for shampoo and fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh letters in it were the same as third, fourth, fifth, sixth letters in Polish word for shampoo. In addition, twelfth or similar comment was about entry named V!

Legend of Big John was coincident with “legendary legend”, “Dear John” and also Big Hole. Big John - first word is the same as first word in the phrase “Big Hole”, second word has the same number of letters and the same second letters as the word “Hole”, so there is a coincidence.

Text from screenshot of Giant Egg encounter is also coincident with Big Hole. After “You see:” two words appear: first “Egg” and second “Hole”. Word “Egg” has the same number of letters and the same last letters as the word “Big”, and second word is “Hole”, the same as in “Big Hole”! Coincidence is obvious. In addition, words “egg” and “hole” occur in the sentence between two “You see” phrases, first the word “egg” appears, after it appears the word “hole”. “Egg” and “hole” are the only nouns which repeat oneself in the screenshot! “Hole” appears three times, “egg” two times.

I saw film from another game which was very similar to Russian game with Big Hole. Two first locations in that game are very coincident with Big Hole! Both have two-word names, first words have three letters (like the word “Big”, consonants are first letters in them, vovels are second letters, like in “Big”) and second words have four letters which are very coincident with word “Hole” - one of these second words is “Hole” and second differs only in one letter from the word “Hole”! Amazing!

These are delusions of reference. I hope you catch a break with the meds.


Like all delusions of reference, you make no sense dude. I recognize this because I get delusions of reference too.

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There are more supposed delusions/ideas of reference. Another example is the case of words Kane and Kong. These words were last words in names of two men whose bodies/remains were present in Big Hole (Ira Kane) and “Dear John” (Sergeant Kong) special encounters. In these corpses singular items were found: shampoo (in Big Hole encounter) and something with image of black cat (“Dear John”). In these two encounters there were also rocks (sort of items). Why words Kane and Kong are coincident? Because they have the same number of letters, the same first letters (K) and the same third letters (n).

Words “Kane” and “Kong” brought me large coincidence 13.5.2019. About 6 p.m. I thought about these two words and two other words starting with the same letters, having the same first letters and the same third letters - Kent (I heard music of author with this name some time ago) and kont (genitive plural of Polish “konto” (“account”)). About 9:30 p.m. I saw the word “Kent” in TV (surname of a woman in audition about depression after childbirth), some moments ago the word “Kate” was seen (it has only one letter other than the word “Kane”, both words have four letters). About 10 p.m. 13.5.2019 I saw word “KONT” on certain forum on which I posted often before seeing that word. Some moments later I typed phrase rozkosz koincydencji epickich (bliss of epic coincidences) in Google and in description of first result I saw word “kona” (Polish verb meaning “he/she/it is dying”), which has the same number of letters as the word “Kong” and three first letters are the same as in “Kong”. I also saw results associated with certain game very similar to that with Big Hole encounter and in third link in results the word “Kane” was present! It was very coincident evening.

I describe certain coincidence associated with Thabit numbers. Some months ago I found page with the date 2.11.2017, on which there were five points. 2, 11, 5 - Thabit numbers! Some additive prime numbers were bolded in these five points. They were: 23, 11, 797, 10037, 337, 79733710037, 11171. Most of them have Thabit numbers as sums of digits (only 337 has not, its sum of digits is the sum of 1st and 3rd Thabit number (2+11)) and numbers of digits (only 337 and 797 have three digits, 3 is not a Thabit number). Digits occurring in bolded numbers on certain Internet page are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 7, 9. Numbers formed by the same six digits were seen in packaging of biscuits in V 2019, there were such numbers:

Number 9037037111 is somewhat coincident with 79733710037. Both numbers have two “37s” in them, there is also one number 9 in them. Both numbers contain two zeros. These two numbers are similar to each other. In 9037037111 there is 1 digit 7 and in 79733710037 there are 3 digits 7. In smaller number there are 2 digits 3, in larger there are 3 digits 3. Number 79733710037 contains two digits 7 more than 9037037111 and one digit 3 more than 79733710037. Product of two digits 7 and one digit 3 is 147. 773 = 147. 377 is also prime factorization of 147 and 147 is the product of numbers 21 and 7 (which were very coincident for me) and sum of numbers in geometric sequence 21, 42, 84. It is another “miracle” which happened in my life.

@valkosipuli you’re just a smart person on the search of knowledge. You are not delusional but you need to take your meds. These types of things will drive you mad.

I wasn’t able to follow everything you said. But it seems like you need meds so if you’re taking them that’s good.

My posts may be not easy to read because English is not my mother language. Medications did not prevent my coincidences. New coincidences happened despite taking meds.

I suppose that I may not have diagnosis of schizophrenia (especially paranoid schizophrenia) because of diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. I was “odd”, “strange”, “other”, “bizarre” since childhood. I was quite regularly diagnosed with schizotypal disorder (F21 in ICD-10) since 2015. I was “crazy” before coincidences. I had schizophrenia diagnosis only for some time in 2016, when I had not diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder.

I have also diagnosis of OCD and take meds for it since above 10 years (but earlier not regularly, often I did not take them at all). When I was about 12 - 15 years old, I had many controlling compulsions associated with magical thinking and I did not think about their as something which is obviously false, I rather have OCD without insight when I had no contact with psychiatrists. I read that OCD symptoms (especially bizarre ones) may be present before onset of schizophrenia, be a sort of prodromal symptoms of it. Treating “magical” obsessions and compulsions as something sinful, occult, witchcraft-like appears to reduce or even prevent them in my case. But similar OCD symptoms occurred in my life and still occur (I have obsessive or compulsive oathing now, earlier I had promising).

About being 16 years old I started to have “suspiciousness” about people outside my family (that they kill, poison me). I do not believe in it, it looks rather as “cautiousness”. I have no friends and even colleagues since about 12 years, which is not so painful for me, but having not own wife is mentally unpleasant for me.

That sounds really rough. Maybe you should try another med or a higher dosage of what you’re on. When do you see your psychiatrist?

I have visit with a psychiatrist 26.6.2019, tomorrow. I want a situation in which I would not get psychiatric drugs because they may have negative impact on skills associated with driving a car. I started to get medications before 18th birthday and never tried to drive a car. I am above 27,5 years old and live in a small locality where finding a job can be problematic. I am unemployed yet (but not officially registered as such) and have social pension (Polish: renta socjalna, it is about 940 PLN (circa 230$) I do not know if I will have prolongation of it) and care allowance (Polish: zasiłek pielęgnacyjny, it is about 200 PLN (circa 50$)).

Coincidences are pleasant for me, they certainly are not OCD symptoms, which are unpleasant. When I saw Big Hole encounter, in left down part of the monitor quite often appeared two letters which are chemical symbol of element (on which first letter is large, but in the game both letters were small) which four first letters mean rude word for buttocks or anus in British English and doubled second letters forms impolite word for these parts of body in American English. Before seeing Big Hole encounter, I had during my former job (maybe in September 2018) fantasies about “Big A**” (Polish: “Wielka D**a”) special encounter in very similar game to that game with Big Hole. The “big hole” from game encounter was a reference to anus of nitrogen-based alien form life in “Evolution” movie from 2001.

“Evolution” was one of few films which I watched. In it there was blouse with periodic table of elements. Someone concluded that if arsenic (atomic number (Z) 33, 4th period, 15th group) is very toxic for carbon-based lifeforms (carbon has Z=6 and is in 2nd period, 14th group), selenium (Z=34, 4th period, 16th group) will be poisonous for nitrogen-based ones (nitrogen is in 2nd period, 15th group, has Z=7). Shampoo (Head&Shoulders) contains selenium compound, so it was administered to anus of alien monster and it was defeated thanks to that.

In guidebook to Russian computer game with Big Hole encounter I read about encounter named Crossroads in which numbers 14 and 6 could be found. I saw screenshot from that encounter, maybe almost on the same time as I saw Giant Egg screenshot. 14 is arithmetic mean of 21 and 7, 6 is arithmetic mean of “Tesla’s arithmetic sequence” - 3, 6, 9. 21 and 7 and 3, 6, 9 are the biggest sources of coincidences in my life.

Some months ago I saw special encounter “Next” in Russian game. It was on the same channel as Big Hole and “Dear John”. I do not remember it so well, but maybe some hours after seeing “Next” first time, I made IQ test (more than once!) in which button with word “Next” was used many times. Certain day I looked at “Next” encounter again and (almost) at the same time noticed word “Następny” (which is Polish translation of “next”) in YouTube!

I had visit with psychiatrist today. It was short, maybe about 15 minutes, so I did not say about my symptoms to much. I got prescription for the same meds as earlier: paroxetine (40 mg daily), chlorprothixene (15 mg), sulpiride (200 mg), olanzapine (5 mg). I think that the most beneficial effect of getting psychotropic drugs for me is lower sexual drive, weaker temptations against chastity (when I stopped to get paroxetine few years earlier, I might have larger libido). I suppose that olanzapine may be especially beneficial against immodest lust. But I want to not get meds at all because they may make me unable to drive a car (I have not driving licence and even did not try to make it despite I am above 27,5 years old). Lack of possibility of driving car appears to be really serious obstacle in finding a job :frowning:

Big Hole has somewhat “private” coincident meaning for me, so I do not want to write about it. I may think that Big Hole and Giant Egg are “cool”, “czad” (Polish colloquialism for something cool which literally means carbon monoxide, a toxic gas - it may be interesting why it is the word for something cool). In Big Hole encounter rock and rope can be found on the ground. These two words:

  • have the same number of letters (four),
  • have the same first letters (r ),
  • have the same second letters (o).

I also noticed something about one of most obscene words in Polish and English languages which is somewhat coincident with words “rock” and “rope” because these profanities have four letters and the same first letters, as words “rock” and “rope” (but first (and second) letters are different than in these two words). Both English and Polish words in pairs have the same meaning, there are two pairs of them. I might have thoughts that satan made the words so similar for me to give such a coincidence.

I want describe a coincidence which is in my opinion really strong, which is my “giant egg”. I think that it needs introduction associated with other large coincidence, which is associated with triad of numbers: 7, 29, 139, which are associated with a part of the book associated with one of relatively popular religion in the world. I knew about that triplet since about second half of 2017 and it became coincident for me probably only in second half of 2018.

Two most iconic, main topics of my coincidences are groups of numbers: 21 7 and 3, 6, 9 (Tesla’s arithmetic sequence). They are coincident with 7, 29, 139.

  1. There are three numbers in the group of numbers: 7, 29, 139.
  2. Largest number in triplet 7, 29, 139 has three times more digits than smallest number in it, numbers of digits in numbers forming that triplet form arithmetic sequence (1, 2, 3) which is formed by non-composite numbers and has non-composite common difference, in addition, sum of these three numbers is the same as product of these numbers or digits.
  3. There are six digits in triplet 7, 29, 139.
  4. Only one digits repeats oneself in triplet 7, 29, 139 - that digit is nine.
  5. From first digits of numbers in the triplet 7, 29, 139 phrase “21 7” can be formed, these first digits are 7, 2, 1.
  6. Digits other than first in numbers of triplet 7, 29, 139 are three and are from the group: three, six, nine (two 9s and one 3).
  7. Sum of digits mentioned above is… 21 and their arithmetic mean is… 7!
  8. Product of digits forming numbers 7, 29, 139 is 3402, which is 21 * 3 * 6 * 9, number 3402 is divisible by 21, 7, 3, 6, 9.
  9. Sum of repeating digits in 7, 29, 139 is 18 (9+9), which is the same as sum of digits 3, 6, 9.

Triplet formed by sums of digits in numbers of triplet 7, 29, 139 - 7, 11, 13 - is also quite coincident (but in my opinion weaker than 7, 29, 139, also due to fact that “giant egg” is very coincident with 7, 29, 139, not 7, 11, 13):

  1. Product of digits forming that triplet is 21 and one of factors in that product is 7.
  2. Product of digits forming 7, 11, 13 is 3 * 6 * 9 (162) times smaller than product of digits in 7, 29, 139!
  3. Sum of repeating digits in 7, 11, 13 is 3 (1+1+1) and is 6 times smaller than sum of repeating digits in 7, 29, 139 - 18 (9+9), sum of digits repeating in 7, 29, 139 (9+9) plus sum of digits which repeats in 7, 11, 13 (1+1+1) is 21, quotient of digit repeating in 7, 29, 139 (9) and digit repeating in 7, 11, 13 (1) is 9.
  4. The number which repeats in both 7, 29, 139 and 7, 11, 13 is 7.

There is also another group of coincidences associated with 7, 11, 13 - they are pretty strong and are associated with two dates associated with my third full going to day hospital (Polish: oddział dzienny) - the date of beginning that going (27.4.2017) and ending of that going (24.7.2017). Coincident here are numbers and digits which mean day and month. They are: 27 and 4 or 24 and 7. Both pairs of numbers have the same sums of numbers - 31. Both pairs have the same sums of digits - 13. 31 and 13 are “mirror” prime numbers where one is another read backwards.

Let’s see at 7, 11, 13…
Sum of numbers: 7, 11, 13 is 31
And sum of digits is… 13!

Let’s see also at sums of digits in 7, 11, 13…
They are: 7, 2, 4. The same digits as in dates 27.4 and 24.7! Amazing!

There are also another triplets which are composed by the same digits as 7, 11, 13 and have sum of numbers 31 and sum of digits 13 - 1, 13, 17 and 3, 11, 17, but they do not met criterium associated with digits in sum of digits in numbers forming triplet - for 1, 13, 17 they are 1, 4, 8 and for 3, 11, 17 they are 3, 2, 8.

I had also another coincidences associated with numbers 13 and 31, but I will not write about them now. Let’s look at “giant egg”.

“Giant egg” is triplet 5, 23, 421. It was present in the page about “Easter eggs” in certain computer game (which I played a lot when I was younger and now I regret it) which was first in Polish Google for query {name of the game} eggs, it was on image associated with first “Easter egg”, on which numbers 5 and 23 were on left side and number 421 was on right side (there were also letters on both sides). How huge this egg is!

What links 5, 23, 421 and 7, 29, 139?

  1. Both have three numbers in them.
  2. Both have one-digit first numbers.
  3. Both have two-digit second numbers.
  4. Both have three-digit third numbers.
  5. Both have smallest numbers which have three times less digits than largest numbers in them.
  6. Both are formed by prime numbers only.
  7. Prime numbers forming these triplets have sums of digits which are prime numbers.
  8. Sums of digits in numbers being sum of numbers in triplets (449 for 5, 23, 421 and 175 for 7, 29, 139) are non-additive prime numbers (17 and 13).
  9. Sums of digits in these two triplets are non-additive prime numbers (17 and 31).
  10. Largest numbers in these two triplets have digits forming geometrical sequences (4, 2, 1 and 1, 3, 9)!
  11. Both triplets are formed by five different digits (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the case of 5, 23, 421 and 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 in the case of 7, 29, 139), in both triplets only one digits repeats oneself and repeating digits occur two times.
  12. Both triplets have the same sum of non-repeating digits (13=1+3+4+5=1+2+3+7).
  13. Both have the same first digit in middle number (2).
  14. Sums of digits in sums of digits in both triplets are non-additive prime numbers (for 5, 23, 421: 5, 7, 7 - 5+7+7=17; for 7, 29, 139: 7, 11, 13 - 7+1+1+1+3=13).

It is not the end of coincidences with “giant egg”. There are more.

My serie of coincidences lasts pretty long, above 4 years and 6 months. How common are so long series? For me the most probably reason of it appears to be some sort of supernatural phenomenon. There is also mathematical chance that all my coincidences are “mere results of mathematical chance”, but probability of such a cause of my coincidences appears to be very small, only theoretical because of obvious multiciplity of “coincidences”. I may have thoughts that I in fact will be a man who changes the world to make it much better and my numerous “coincidences” are beautiful, epic miracles from Almighty, not ideas of reference or delusions (of reference, grandiosity, messengership). I have also suspicion that they are from devil. Coincidences were associated for example with sports, programs about “space aliens”, games containing many immoral contents, book at which Christians can look as “satan’s handiwork”.

  1. Difference between sum of digits in triplet 7, 29, 139 and sum of digits in triplet 5, 23, 421 is 14 (31-17); it is interesting number, because it is arithmetic mean of “most coincident” numbers 21 and 7, product of three digits forming 21 and 7 together and difference between larger and smaller number of double 21 7; from digits of numbers 31 and 17 two arithmetic sequences with sum of digits 12, 4 digits, sum of numbers 21, arithmetic mean of numbers 7 and product of digits 21 can be formed: 1, 7, 13 and 3, 7, 11, both sequences are formed by additive non-composite numbers.
  2. Difference between sums of repeating digits in both triplets is 14 (9+9=18 - for 7, 29, 139; 2+2=4 - for 5, 23, 421), the same as difference between sums of digits in them.
  3. From sums of sums of digits in sums of digits forming these sequences (7, 11, 13 - 7, 2, 4 - sum 13; 5, 5, 7 - 5, 5, 7 - sum 17) together two arithmetic sequences with sum of digits 12, 4 digits, sum of numbers 21, arithmetic mean of numbers 7 and product of digits 21 can be formed: 1, 7, 13 and 3, 7, 11, both sequences are formed by additive non-composite numbers.
  4. First two numbers forming triplet 5, 23, 421 are Thabit numbers (321 numbers) which have additive prime being also 321 number as sum of digits - 5.
  5. Sum of digits from the left side in the logo with “giant egg” triplet is 10, the same, as sum of digits in double 21 and 7.
  6. Sum of numbers 5 and 23 is 28 - just like in the case of 21 7.
  7. Smaller number from the double 5 and 23 is one-digit and larger is two-digit, just like in the case of 21 and 7.
  8. First digit in larger of numbers from double 5 and 23 is 2, like in the case of very coincident double 21 and 7.
  9. Sum of digits in the largest of numbers of triplet 5, 23, 421 is 7 and from that number numbers 42 and 21 can be separated, double 4 21 also can be separated by entering space between 4 and 2, product of 4 and 21 is 84 - so number 421 and triplet which it contains are coincident with something which I named “miraculous geometrical sequence” - 21, 42, 84 (and its descending counterpart - 84, 42, 21).
  10. Sort of digits occurring in triplet 5, 23, 421 are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. These digits form five-membered arithmetic sequence; that triplet contains 5 the same digits as another triplet which was strongly coincident for me - 33, 42, 51 (it is also triplet which has six digits, like “giant egg”.

It is not the end of coincidences associated with 5, 23, 421 and 7, 29, 139.

Sum of last digits in 5, 23, 421 is 9 (5+3+1), in addition, these digits form an arithmetic sequence which ascending counterpart has common difference 2 (additive prime) and has non-composite members. Arithmetic mean of that sequence is 3.

By concatenation of two smaller members of 5, 23, 421 we will receive number 523, which is a prime formed by digits being (representing) three smallest primes (also additive ones).

By concatenation of sums of digits of numbers of triplet 5, 23, 421 - 5, 5, 7 - we will receive number 557, which is an additive prime number. In addition, 5, 5, 7 are three prime divisors of 175 - sum of numbers in 7, 29, 139.

There are interesting 21.7 features associated with sums of numbers in smallest, middle and largest members of triplets 5, 23, 421 and 7, 29, 139 and numbers forming by multiplication of number before and after dots (or just formed by two digits after letter F) in codes F21 (schizotypal disorder in ICD-10), F42.2 (mixed obsessive-compulsive disorder in ICD-10) and F84.5 (Asperger’s syndrome in ICD-10). I received these three diagnoses first time together 28.4.2015, above four years earlier.

Sum of first numbers (and digits in them) in triplets 5, 23, 421 and 7, 29, 139 is 12 (5+7).
Sum of middle numbers in these triplets is 52 (23+29).
Sum of largest numbers in these triplets is 560 (421+139).

We have received three numbers - 12, 52, 560. How many digits there are in all three numbers together? 7. What is sum of these seven digits? 21!

Let’s look at sums of digits in 12, 52, 560
1+2 = 3
5+2 = 7
5+6+0 = 11
What we have received? 3, 7, 11. Arithmetic sequence with additive primes as members. Its sum of numbers is 21 and its arithmetic mean of numbers is 7. One of its terms is 7 and product of four digits forming numbers of these sequence is… 21!

Now let’s look at F21, F42.2, F84.5. Let’s make products of numbers before and after dots (or rewrite number which has no dot after it as it is):
21 -> 21
42.2 -> 422 -> 84
84.5 -> 84
5 -> 420
What we have received? 21, 84, 420. How many digits there are in these three numbers together? 7. What is the sum of these seven numbers? 21.

21, 84, 420 is an interesting triplet.

How many digits are in the smallest numbers of triplets 12, 52, 560 and 21, 84, 420? Two (2) digits, in 12 and 21.
How many digits are in the middle numbers of triplets 12, 52, 560 and 21, 84, 420? Two (2) digits, in 52 and 84.
How many digits are in the largest numbers of triplets 12, 52, 560 and 21, 84, 420? Three (3) digits, in 560 and 420.
What are last digits in largest numbers of triplets mentioned above? Zeros! 560 ends at 0 and 420 ends at 0.

What are numbers formed by two first digits in numbers of triplet 21, 84, 420? 21, 84, 42. If we sort them ascendingly or descendingly, we will receive “miraculous geometrical sequences” - 21, 42, 84 or 84, 42, 21.
What are sums of digits in 21, 42, 84? 3, 6, 12 - also geometric sequence, with sum of numbers 21 and arithmetic mean of numbers 7!

About Giant Egg: I saw Russian film with Giant Egg encounter in it 20.6.2019 at morning, about 9 a.m. About 9:45 -10 a.m. that same day I saw two egg shells (probably on the ground), before 2 p.m. I saw many ants on the ground and in the encounter there was egg on the ground and six ants (or less)!

I noticed certain 21 7 features in sums of numbers associated with triplet 7, 29, 139.

Sum of numbers in that triplet is 175.

Sum of numbers of sums of digits in 7, 29, 139 is 31:
7+(2+9)+(1+3+9) = 7+11+13 = 31.

Sum of numbers of sums of digits in 7, 11, 13 is 13:
7+(1+1)+(1+3) = 7+2+4 = 13.

We have received triplet: 175, 31, 13 .
It consists of 7 digits and the sum of these digits is 21 .

Arithmetic mean of sum of digits in triplet 175, 31, 13 is 7 :
(1+7+5)+(3+1)+(1+3) = 13+4+4 = 21; 21:3 = 7 (3 is the number of numbers in 13, 4, 4).

Triplets: 7, 47, 139 and 7, 83, 139 produce the same features, but with other three-digit numbers (which are additive primes, unlike 175). They are rather not as coincident with 21.7 and 3, 6, 9 as 7, 29, 139.

  1. From first digits in triplets 7, 47, 139 numbers 21 and 7 can’t be formed (but product of 21 and 7, 147, can be formed), 21 and 7 together also can’t be formed from first digits of 7, 83, 139.
  2. Sum of digits other than first ones from numbers forming 7, 47, 139 is not 21 (it is 19 (7+3+9) and has not 7 as its arithmetic mean), that sum of digits in the case of 7, 83, 139 is 15 (3+3+9), it also has not 7 as its arithmetic mean (although it is formed by digits from 3, 6, 9 group (more precisely, 3 and 9 and 3 repeats oneself).
  3. Product of digits of 7, 47, 139 is not divisible by 369 (it is 5292, 5292:162 = 32,(6)) and the product of digits forming 7, 83, 139 (4536) is not 162 (369) times larger than product of digits in 7, 11, 13 (which is 21), but it is 216 times larger, 216 is not divisible by 162.

“Giant egg” - 5, 23, 421 and 7, 29, 139 have the same sum of digits which do not repeat oneself in six numbers forming these triplets (7+2+1+3 = 13, 5+3+4+1 = 13); 7, 47, 139 and 7, 83, 139 have other sums of non-repeating digits (4+1+3+9 = 17, 7+8+1+9 = 25).

Dont rush to say anything
But may be hallucination you see is not correct
Or concidence

It is not the end of the phenomenon of coincidences which happened in my life.

I noticed some coincidences associated with numbers 12 and 4 last time. Large ones are associated with sums of first, second and third digits in two very coincident triplets: 7, 29, 139 and 5, 23, 421.

Sum of digits in first numbers: 7+5 = 12.
Sum of digits in second numbers: 2+9+2+3 = 16.
Sum of digits in third numbers: 1+3+9+4+2+1 = 20.

We have received arithmetic sequence: 12, 16, 20. Sums of digits in these two numbers are additive primes and two triplets (7, 29, 139; 5, 23, 421) which “gave” numbers 12, 16, 20 are built of additive primes:

  • 1+2 = 3,
  • 1+6 = 7,
  • 2+0 = 2.

Why 12, 16, 20 is coincident with 12 4?

  1. The smallest member of that sequence is 12.
  2. Sum of numbers in that sequence is 48 and 48 is 12x4.
  3. Difference between the largest and the smallest term of that sequence is 8, 8 is 12-4 (difference of 12 and 4), (12+4) : 2 (arithmetic mean of 12 and 4) and 1x2x4 (product of digits forming phrase 12 4).
  4. Common difference of 12, 16, 20 is 4.
  5. Arithmetic mean of 12, 16, 20 is 16, 16 is 12+4.
  6. Middle term of that sequence is 16, 16 is 12+4.
  7. Sum of digits in that sequence is 12 (1+2+1+6+2+0).
  8. Arithmetic mean of sum of digits in numbers forming sequence above is 4 (((1+2)+(1+6)+(2+0)):3 = (3+7+2):3 = 12:3 = 4).
  9. Number of terms of 12, 16, 20 is 3, 3 is 12:4.

Do you think you might be giving everything too much significance? There seem to be a lot of numbers you think are significant. It just seems like the net is so wide that you could find something cosmically significant in every single number, resulting in tons of “coincidences.”