Glitch dunno

Just when I thought I was doing ok on my low Seroquel dose (200) which my pdoc seemed to forget to raise to 300 like she said she was. This was Tuesday last week. She lowered my amisulpride to sub-minimum dose (150) and was supposed to raise the Seroquel.

Did fine this past week. No delusions of control from the evil spirit in my head. No voices. No agitated feelings.

But then tonight I started re-fantasising about killing squirrels and rodents. Taking a knife and…“aaaah! Ha ha!” That’s how I feel. Alien is trying to control me again it seems…

I feel at the moment like laughing manically and talking loud and laughing more. But I don’t want to scare my beloved husband so I’m trying to hold it in.

Maybe the lack of amisulpride (and Seroquel) is starting to affect me… But fortunately next Tuesday I see my pdoc again. Hope I can control Alien till then


Maybe you’re just having a moment ?

Happens 2 me way too often.

it’s good that you see your pdoc soon.

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