Another glitch tonight

Unexpectedly Alien (evil spirit in my head) made another appearance tonight

Two nights ago heard his voice and Sarah the good spirit’s as well. Cried with joy hearing her.

But tonight he was alone and I cried with sorrow because he again inserted awful thoughts in my head about my husband dying and said kill him. It’s NOT ME.

Took extra 100mg amisulpride and now feel a little better


Glad you’re feeling a bit better. If these glitches happen often then maybe you talk to your psychiatrist about increasing your dose maybe?

Yeah I would contact your doctor @EarthChild

I guess it’s my own fault actually because my pdoc prescribed me 400mg amisulpride and I only take 200mg. I want to take minimum dose as possible because it’s expensive and healthier to body - the less amount the better. But when I have hard days I take 300mg. I mostly have good days but sometimes the symptoms break through

sorry to hear. glitches are tough. but know that they will pass.
feel better soon

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