Saw my pdoc again

Went to my pdoc yesterday, and told her all my difficulties with voices, thought insertion, paranoia and other things. She was concerned and asked will I feel safe for next week, so I said yes I think I will. She wants to see me next week Tuesday again.

My Seroquel is being raised to 200mg now for next week. Amisulpride stays at 200mg. She didn’t want to lower it due to me struggling with psychosis symptoms.

I asked her how can I get rid of Alien and his evil plans, is it only with meds? So she said yes. Kinda makes sense - on the right meds he went away. But at moment he wants to try take me over. Fortunately it comes and goes in intensity.

Hope the Seroquel increase helps! She said she’d want to push me up to 600mg depending on if the increase helps


Good luck!!!


yea i hope the seroquel increase helps you too…
best of luck with everything!

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Thanks @ZmaGal and @lekkerhondje :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope it works. Good luck!

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