Ghosts and afterlife

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I believe in ghosts. I have lived in some really scary places.I live in New England where some of our houses are very old.I am really scared of dying though.I really dont know whether there is an afterlife,one of the many reasons I quit drinking was that I was drinking so I wouldnt worry,to be “Comfortably numb” as the group

Just curious, why did you start a new thread instead of replying in the original?

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Pink Floyd mentions. I havent had a drink in almost three months.Am still lonely though.

Three months is awesome, keep up the good work.

Thank you !! I am up to six months W/out a drink now.I appreciate the support my friend !

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I don’t know about ghosts, but I sure dreamed about both my mother and father a lot after they died. I didn’t dream about them when they were alive. They both died of natural causes at an old age. Maybe I have issues to resolve, but, if you want to get esoteric about it, maybe they are trying to reach me from the grave.

Do you think there is any justice when you die

@littlewolf - congratulations on your sobriety. That is quite an accomplishment.

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Maybe.It depends on what I feel like.Somedays I feel like a Chrstian and some days I revert to being a Wiccan.I honestly dont know what to say about afterlife.I hope there is .Many questions about and few satisfactory answers,I cant just blindly commit to one belief.I wonder why I have so many ■■■■■■■ problems.Schizo, alcoholic,addict ,bipolar and sex and love addict.Was my last life this Bad ? Will my next be better ? I have been alone for awhile.I was in a 15 year relationship with a great ,beautiful,sexy lady and I blew it.

I’ve been visiting a few near death experience sites on the internet. They say there is definitely an afterlife. Most people’s near death experience was euphoric beyond description. A few have bad near death experiences, which were very terrible. A lot of conservative Christians have gotten on those sites and started putting forth very horrific images of hell. They’ve been flooding those sites with tales of horrible near death experiences. I think they’re doing that to keep the fear of hell fire alive to keep people in line with their teachings.


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I mean if you’ve suffered in this life you get some sort of compensation in next life

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If there is anything like that, I think it’s more like a learning experience. Because like in this life I was born in a first world country, but into an abusive family and I have mental illness. So was I punished or rewarded? My guess is it’s about learning if there is anything to it at all.

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“Rule number one of Bible Club: don’t question Bible Club.”


I have to wonder about a God who would impose intolerable suffering on people for eternity. Sounds pretty cruel to me. When I bring that up, and a few other questions about God, the conservative Christians say that God has to let horrible things happen so we can have free will. I wonder how the threat of hell fire gives us free will.

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oohhh I really can’t discuss religion here. I didn’t intend my comment to open up a discussion of religion.

Ghosts, I definitely believe in ghosts. Very much so. I love reading about investigations in haunted houses, watching TV shows about ghosts, listening to people tell me their personal experiences with ghosts. All of it.

I feel like ghosts are possibly the only source of folklore that exists in most of North America, or the U.S. at least. People will openly discuss ghosts or aliens, in most cases, but anything else – skinwalkers, wendigo, Bigfoot, etc. – usually gets a laughing response and breaks down the seriousness of the conversation.

I live in New England, as well, and have lived in some very old houses, including one where I felt certain there was something coming down from the attic and wandering the house at night. I was always terrified it would come into my room, so I’d pile toys and stuffed animals against the back of the door, then get in trouble for it the next morning. Sheesh.

In all probability it was rats in the attic + an old house settling at night + the fertile imagination of an unstable kid.

You’re right. I shouldn’t have brought it up.

My thoughts exactly.