Do you beleive in an afterlife and do you beleive in Ghosts?

Do you believe in an afterlife and do you believe in Ghosts? As for me I believe in Both in an afterlife and Ghosts 100 percent!


I believe in an afterlife

I heard ghosts for years from 15-19 but I’m starting to think it was just schizophrenia

I believe in ghosts, but I’m 50/50 on there being an afterlife.

Yes and yes. I believe we are spiritual beings.

Nope. Not at all.


I’ve been visiting a lot of near death experience sites lately. A lot of those stories have the right tone of authenticity. Near death experiences are too wide spread for them not to be real. I’ve been running into a lot of hell fire and brimstone near death experiences lately. I think such experiences happen, but I also think the conservative Christians are playing them up because they need to spread the fear of hell to enforce what they believe.

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No to both. 151515


I don’t believe in an afterlife nor ghosts as in dead people, but I do believe in other spiritual beings existing, kinda like angels and demons but without a heaven or hell

I believe both are likely yes

:ghost:… yes
take care :alien:

I wouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t know for certain that is the case. Who cares what I believe; as if beliefs/faith make a person delusional. I think the delusional person is the one who thinks they know things they don’t know, not a person who has beliefs and faith in things that may be different, but who realizes it is not known by them for sure.

Furthermore, I don’t see why this thread is marked as being in the unusual beliefs section. These are quite normal and culturally acceptable beliefs the majority of society has. Next you people will be putting threads that say Merry Christmas in this section as well.

I have a feeling the people on here are in for a rude awakening if Donald Trump becomes President, which would awaken The Silent Majority.

Yes. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Ghosts/ spirits/ energies exist from what I Have seen. No doctor / psych or otherwise can tell me they don’t exist. That’s their perspective from the society which they have studied in. It’s not their time to wake up to others reality. Seeing is believing and ignorance is (can be)bliss are both my favourite sayings.

I don’t believe in an afterlife or ghosts.

I have no idea about both, maybe they exist.

If I was a ghost I haunted people a lot, wounldn’t be nothing better to do probably, just flying around scaring people :ghost:


I believe in the afterlife.

I believe in the afterlife but I’m 50/50 on ghosts. It seems unlikely but if I experienced paranormal things myself I’d definitely admit ghosts were real.

I’m finding it a little confusing that people who claim to see things which others can’t are most likely diagnosed with a mental illness and people who think it’s not real are basically being duped by the chemical imbalance theories! Are we all liars. How d heck do we work this out. My children are sensitive too. Are they also schizophrenic or are they sensitive to energy vibrations!! They all see things that most others can’t. They talk about and point out things to mE around the place. the trick is not to teach your kids fear. Lead by example and educate on energy and all things that are shunned in today’s society.the world is in denial and is based on a fear model. Fear of the unknown, fear of spirits, fear of mental illness, fear of fear. Be positive, think positive thoughts when possible. And educate ourselves independently. Don’t look at officials as know it all. Nobody knows it all even me!! :v:

I have a deep belief in reincarnation

Ghosts… not so much.

That would be my worst nightmare!