Getting up in the morning

I usually have trouble getting up and out of the house.
Its only the thought of more traffic by the minute that gets me out…


That’s the biggest struggle of an active life. To avoid it I take part-time courses in the evenings.

Growing up I was a night person. All nighters for homework was standard.

But you got to get up and out early to get a parking space. Or pay the price or walk a mile.
Well I do like walking during lunch time. Looks like a sunny day. :grinning:

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My first med that I take is a benzo - first thing in the morning, so I am really out of it - i cut back on my coffee intake, but I still have my mandatory 1 -2 cups of coffee first thing in the mornings.
I am usually a bit manic in the mornings, so waking up is not a real issue with me

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It’s hard for me to get up early in the mornings. I’m definitely not a morning person. I’d consider myself a night owl more than a morning person.