There are mornings when I just do not want to get up

Today for example, after waking up I just did not want to get up, but somehow my brain still wanted me to get up and have my breakfast with meds and vitamins … and then check all sz postings … it is strange how the brain works …


But I got up and now after a few cups of coffee and some energetic music I am feeling quite well …

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All my mornings I don’t want to get up, so I stay in bed until 2 Pm.

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I do really well but I live a structured life on the meds.

I go to bed early because I like to get up early…I aim to be up at the first rays of sunlight everyday. Sleep 9-10 hours a day on Zyprexa so I’m usually in bed by 7pm.

I think it helps to take your meds at about the same time everyday. I know it’s often not doable but I think it makes a difference! For me that means antidepressants in the morning and antipsychotics at night…Yeah I have those mornings too but most times I’m up early ready to engage with the world!

Try some structure…ie set an alarm and see how you go with an ordered lifestyle…helps with sleeping! I hate sleeping all I do but the bastards won’t let me play with provigil over here in Australia.

A friend ,



This week was bad for not being able to get moving in the morning, back to normal now, not sure what that was about.

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I used to be in bed 7 pm when I was on olanzapine and a hour later or so on latuda.

I go to bed later since I met my boyfriend but am still in bed before him.
Last night I was in bed around 9.30pm.

We usually get up around 8am except some occasion or Sunday.

A nice cup of coffee can help one arise and be something to look forward too.

I only had two coffees today.
Been trying to cut down.

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I usually jump right out of bed and take things on as they come up. I enjoy the wee small hours because it is quiet and I’m alone and not bothered by the noise of the day. I’m usually in bed early and up early.

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If I turn on my alarm and get up at 6 or 7 I usually do okay but if I decide to sleep in until even 8 then I do badly and Im in bed til noon for no reason.

When I was on the Haldol shot I laid in bed fifteen or twenty hours a day. It was total creature comfort and total emotional despair.

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I struggle to get up in the morning bcuz I’m not a morning person. I need to pray at sunrise then have coffee with my husband then I like to go back to bed. My husband needs breakfast and that motivates me to get up - usually by 9-10 am or so (depending on the season)

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I used to get up early and pray and even fasted Ramadan.

I am not of that religion but tried to be when I had a Muslim boyfriend and had delusions about my father being one and etc

Now I pray in the bathroom and am not a member of any religion.(except my own)
In fact it is far from what I believe.
Much more forgiveness and no hell etc