Getting out of the house

Isn’t it funny how such a simple thing as going out in public has become so hard? Why am I so darn sane at home and a dangerous psychopath when I go out? Maybe I’m not really a danger. I’m just so lonely I feel like accosting people in public and maybe scare some of the ladies for fun. Apparently this urge is not enough in the USA in the year 2022 to warrant getting institutionalized. It’s a funny country. Lolol.


I have no interest in going outside, I’ve turned in a homebody


You really don’t want to get so you can’t leave the house. You’d get sicker.


Oh mate i hear you. You know the only time i wasnt bothered about facing the public outside, was when i had a skinfull of drink. Terrible.

Even now - my journeys outside are planned when its quiet or dark. Your probably not a danger to the public - its probably just the fight part of your response kicking in - cos your feeling vulnerable.

And yes - im pretty sure my MH would be a hell of a lot better if i socialised more - instead of stewing indoors paranoid. But you do what you got to do to “protect yourself”.

Ive been challanging my fear of the outside again, after a while. And you know the strange thing that has helped me? Wearing a body cam. That way you can replay any issues you might have thought you had with the public. If i was dwelling on a “funny look” i might have had - i can play it back, review it and reason with it.


Good advice @Naarai

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