Going out is just too hard

My trip outdoors a few days ago has really upset me. Has been an avalanche of horribleness since then.

My nurse said she wants to encourage me to go out more by scheduling our appointments at the health centre. I don’t think I will be doing that.


Why not? 1515151516161


I just think I am being put under surveillance wherever I go. Is so distressing.


I feel the same but i have to do things. And i do them even when they are watching. I have nothing to hide. That thought calms me.

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It could just be a coincidence too. I did nothing out of the ordinary and I’m being hammered by the disease for the last few days.


Gone through the florid panic. Have not blown my fuse and have shut down. Just completely numb.

I hear you. They are encouraging me to go and visit them at the clinic too and getting me out on the walking group and cycling group. I get terrified as I think everyone knows exactly what I’m thinking and there’s someone next door spying on me. It’s better since my med increase but still makes me so anxious.

Stay strong, it will get easier, or at least that’s what the professionals say.

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