Getting healthier has led me back to my motive in the paranormal!

I miss actually taking interest in it, for so many years…it’s like I had 0 motive to learn about it.
I’m slowly going back into it…wow, who knew actually clearing my mind would have gotten my motive back enough.
Who else finds it interesting?

Be careful with learning about this stuff. Sometimes, we can take these interests to an unhealthy extreme.


I love paranormal stuff. I watch all the ghost shows on. For many years now.

Thanks for the suggestion/advice, I’ll make sure I keep it to a reasonable level, or when I know my limits with it. I probably won’t act on the interests and go out hunting for things, but if I do, I won’t do it alone.

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Oh gosh me too, with medication it makes it easier for me to calm down and try to rationalize when things happen to me, so I’m regaining interest in it again.