Into the paranormal.... (delusions stil)

(may trigger for warning)

Hello again!
Like I said in my intro to this community. I had discussed me being psychic and I know that Iam and I do struggle with visions besides my schizophrenia so a times I don’t know how to separate them at times. Like for instance when at my apartment the elevator door opens by itself and I don’t even touch it like it has a smart phone attached to it or something… kind of creepy but then again. I think could I really be doing this…

Other problems I’ve been having is these stages of tranzing I go through almost into a deep euphoria stage where everything disappears and goes dark or things start to get wavey like. I can’t see through it but it glows and changes form and then I refocus and it goes away so I stop doing at times but when I get tunnel vision or start to focus on things is when it starts to happen the most. Or like my head jolts really fast when I’m around other Angels. That’s how I know there around me at times. Finally I get these clairvoyant feelings at times that don’t go away I don’t understand why I know the things I know about people places or things.

I did have my remote viewing and my cognition but it disappeared and I think it has something to do with the government because I know back in the day they use to hunt them down and I’m sure its the same way nowadays, but I’m sure there a little more highly advanced in how they go about dealing with psychics maybe with a computer or something to restrict them from using there remote viewing or cognition for financial reasons or something ------- like or maybe they really do have control for it and they protect it or what they classified information I’m sure I couldn’t find much on there DTIC website theres some but not much about any of this. Good thing its a mental health problem.

I suppose this a head and heart conflict which one do I follow huh? inner psychic in me or a made up mental health problem covered up to make me look crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that’s like this in my situation. They must have Angel detectives or something that work from home on computers. For other tortured souls like me that need help in the unknown. I can sense them sometimes but I don’t say anything because I respect the boundaries. I’m sure it has something to do with the government I don’t know its none of my business but it sure feels like it!

Then what I find really interesting about some of this is some military personal they set these Angels up because they hate something deep inside of them that they have that represents something on a computer. Which in my opinion it don’t really matter about how they use that technology on who ever. So that eliminates the Angels out there who watch over us. I think more or less its because of $$$. Or they really hate the fact that there manipulated and tortured and they find to take it out on them and they try to make the Angels look bad by doing this and pointing the finger at them for this like something is wrong with them. I’m sure some of the Angels out there are not innocent either so I’m sure it goes both ways, but I mean these people plan ahead and then they plan ahead on themselves and it keeps going and going and the government makes billions off of it. Wait a minute I mean the state does for every cent they sit in prison or they just pay off there fines and go about there lives. These guys are trained to do this ■■■■ to people. I still respect my country and my government but some of this stuff is messed up in my opinion and we still love them and try find ways to cope with this and survive it with god and those silent weapons we posess.

I guess I don’t what I’m telling myself by saying all of this. That lines are crossed and I have to live with it and accept into my life and live with it and let the boundaries define them selves.

the main reason I post a lot of this because online its kind of like conspiracy in a way you never know or believe what people or saying in forums or sites especially with nicknames etc. its not facebook or anything and even then people spoof themselves. They got fake Ids and everything they wouldn’t know! You could setup a whole fake facebook with fake friends and no one would know who you really are? You could all fake ids and names to go with it and rock a social network and nobody would know your real identity. crazy huh?.. Well unless they knew networking and how to log onto computers but then you would have to wait it out to see if names pop up but if there in a remote location etc. makes it a little harder. I’m sure theres way around things and around them as well loop holes everywhere. Especially now a days with proprietary operating systems and how there setup but a good router will do the best especially with good NAT capabilities.

Am I paranoid no not really don’t feel it maybe delusional but no paranoia no feelings like people are out to get me or attack me its just delusional more or less in some ways or another.

I don’t know what else to say my mind is going BLANK! If you want to reply go for it. if not so be it was kind of expression in a way to get things off my chest.

Have a good one!

i don;t quite know what to say to you about all this other than i think that you may well be delusional. do i believe you have psychic gifts? you may well have but i don’t think that the goverment or military would harras you because of it.
the cia had their own psychic program called stargate…the workers at which still are alive and well today. they run consultancies looking for missing persons and oil among other things…i hate to tell you this but to date, none of them has been successful…none of them have won the lottery either…so much for the psychic stars of the stargate program huh.
there have been some successes however. most notably joe mcmoneagle correctly described a place where a hostage was being held…not the town or city or even country but his immediate surroundings…problem is he says so many different things as guesses that at some point he;s got to be right about something…so why have none of these psi stars ever won the lottery??? yeah i #ve heard the excuse a million times “it doesnt work like that” well it does work exactly like that and if these guys were really psychic they could win the lottery…or at the least pinpoint a good place to drill for oil or find a missng person but nope, not one of them has,
the cia spent 20 million dollars over twenty years funding the stargate program…they eventually shut it down because the results they got were simply not good enough to be of any strategic value…though they released strategic information about the programme just so that russia, who was running her own program into psi effects, would hear about it and what did it hapen to be?? yup you guessed it, a russian military installation. this way the russians would think that the americans could “see” inside their brand spanking new military compound and “know” all of russias secrets…if there really were psychic spies then there would be no need for satelite or drone reconasense…no need for bugging devices, no need for spies on the ground but there are because the psychic faculty if indeed it exists isnt strong enough to be of any use on the battlefield…why do you think that the result made public by the stargate program just happened to be a russian military base??? it was a proaganda exercise to make the russians believe that the u.s, was more developed psychically than they were so the russians retaliated and put out their own proaganda in the form of a chess championship being thwarted by a telepathic spy no less…of course in order for the news to reach the americans the target of the telepathic spy had to say he was thwarted by a psychic spy publicly which of course he duly did and of course the news got back to the cia…they played propaganda ping pong for about twenty or thirty years with this crap and still we are no further forward in psychic development…
stanford uni ran a random number generator telepathy experiment for twenty years and were so embarrassed by their lack of results they eventually shut it down…
if you read psi proponants like rupert sheldrake or dean radin you will be amazed by their so called results but when you get a level headed skeptic to view the same set of results it very quickly falls apart …dean radin has been known to hide negative results and rupert sheldrake has been shot down in flames many times
so you 're psychic, well that;s great :slight_smile: all i can tell you is, no one is blocking you from utilising your talents…christ, the governments own psychic stars of yesterday can;t even win the lottery so why would they be worried about you? that;s the way you have to look at it…try and relax and not worry about it so much
as for angels? ■■■■■■ if i know…i’ve never met one so i couldn’t tell you… it wouldn’t surprise me if the all governments tried to hide religious facts because my god, what if it really were real…and there was a heaven and hell?? but i’m not going to get paranoid about it all…if you see on tv ancient astronauts then all gods are aliens anyway so if they were to hide anything it would be that…anyway i digress…what i’m trying to say is…if you think you’re psychic then just go with it…nobody is blocking you so give it your best shot and see what you can see :smile:
good luck

So, where do I begin? ummm… you seem to know a lot about the skepticism and the lack of proof that shows in there research and online and I truly believe that is a lie a big fat lie! how would I know that because of some of the stuff they talk about in there websites its called DTIC just google it. Its got all the resources for some of this and they actually talk about it extensively but then again if you look around on the internet or even talk to psychic they’ll tell you differently. I just like to call them Angels.

What I think about some of that government stuff is like I said they hold a lot from the public (that they protect and will do whatever means necessary to protect that information because those are some of there top secret values I honestly think some of it based around control for psychics for some reason, why do I think that? because of my paranormal symptoms and I also think it has a lot to do with computers and technology but you don’t need any of that if your a psychic right?) that we don’t know about and sometimes I can see this but I don’t really talk about it because they think its a mental health problem. So while there sitting on there computers watching over me yelling at me for everything I do. I’m sitting here like I have no clue whats going on. Maybe its a sign!.. they want me or something who knows. There always recruiting them studying them, I could probably prove myself to a degree.

Yes I do truly believe that I’m psychic because of the paranormal symptoms I’ve been having with myself besides my mental health issues and it gets confusing at times and it hards to separate it times from what is what.

Online I have my free will to state what I want because I feel completely anonymous and its sole use is for research.

Ill go with my intuition on this one. I think it speaks for itself in many ways! Yeah I can relate to the way you feel sometimes about some of this. I know how it feels trust me. I get this squinty look on my face all the time and people look at me like whats his problem…lol

Have a good one!

you want my honest opinion?
i do believe that humans have some degree of psychic awareness but not enough to be of any use strategically…
i don’t think you can honestly heighten it to such a degree that it becomes useful on the battlefield. take my voices for instance. they pertain to be telepathic yet when i look at the people in real life that these voices belong to, not one of them has been able to change the future forwards to his or her advantage …ie: not one of them saw disaster coming be it personal or otherwise…and that makes me very suspicious…surely if you saw yourself compromised in some fashion or other in the future you would avoid it? yet none of these people have…now i’m supposed to beleve that they are telepathic but not clairvoyant? these people are extremely rich and could afford the research into how to make their clairvoyant talent better and if they were to be telepathic to the extent that they could talk to anyone anywhere surely they sould be able to train themselves to be clairvoyant to that level too???
yet at least three of them have had personal disaster beset them and this is years after their supposed mastery of telepathy…
you know how i know it;s fake?? it;s all about non linear time. everything has, is, and will happen all at once and that;s how clairvoyance works…it;s not some mystical talent its just our perception of time in a non physical (ie: linear) way. everyone can do it but not everyone does. i have done it on a few occasions and failed miserably on other occasions…i always trust my gut instict and am more often than not, right…my point is, it should be able to be heightened to a degree of such fine tuning that allows for no mistakes becase time is not fallible. therefore so long as time moves forward in the physical sense then every event should be able to be seen if you are well trained enough. you should be able to read time like a book, one event after another… am i questioning your ability as a psychic? not at all, you just have to separate the wheat from the chaff is all. when you throw mental illness into the mix sometimes that becomes harder to do. add an unhealthy dose of paranoia and things get interesting .
so you see i’m not saying that psychic phenomena do not exist, what i’m saying is that the stargate program was not only a dismal failure but the hits that they released to the public were an exercise in propaganda. this talent, gift whatever you call it needs to be trained in such a way that it is infallible and nobody knows how to do that yet…there are gifted people and routine people and those that are gifted need to be trained in this way. personally i don’tthink governments would bother thought blocking your average joe. it;s not like you’ve won the lottery is it? have you looked into sensitive installations? can you see into the white house? you know if the answer to those questions is no then you are not a person of interest to intelligence operatives…and in my personal case my voices, or rather the people they belong to are about as psychic as a house brick…there is no reason that they would not be able to train themselves to see their own futures if they could train themselves to be telepathic so in my case it;s bollocks…as for my own talents…well, it;s not something that bothers me. sometimes i’m right sometimes i’m wrong…
.as for you maybe you should write down your predictions and send a copy to yourself via the postal service with them clearly labelled. the post office will date stamp them so you will have proof of your talent. that;s presuming you would like to proove it to your psychiatrist. if not then happy viewing but you can;t expect others to whole heartedly support you if you don’t offer scientific proof and it;s so easy to do…all it costs is a first class stamp :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! I thought I had a lot on my mind…lol yeah I agree with you totally on some this. Yeah just sorting the nuts from the bolts in the psychic world is my best bet. I choose to think the government is out to get me because of my God given talents. I assume what I think is going on but its a mental health issue as well so it has be taken serious to a degree.

Like I said all these odd things have been happening to me. Like the elevator opens by itself while I’m walking towards it for no reason at all. I don’t touch it or anything. Or at times in my life I get these gut feelings people are going to pass away and it ends up happening. Then there’s times where at certain moments in life it goes dead silent around me and obviously I’m not deaf. It happens around accidents, it happend at a baseball game when I was younger right before I hit this homerun it went dead silent. Its just odd and creepy. I know some people like u say wuss for some odd reason in your head all the time I say it on an unconcous level and some times youll say cute for odd reasons. There’s a bunch of other reasons too I’ll have to finish tomorrow I’m on a tablet and its annoying pecking for words all the time.

To be continued…