Trigger Warning

Why are we so attracted to things that trigger us?

Right now I’m watching two shows,

One about ghosts ( I’m terrified of and very triggered by ),

The other about unsolved murders.

I really shouldn’t be watching either,

But I’m just so intrigued.

Does anyone else do this to themselves?

Constantly tempting your triggers for entertainment sake?


Maybe because life is boring


I did allow myself in the start but then I realised its just not worth it anymore. Even watching it become not entertaining knowing how I will feel later so I stopped

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Watching the ghost show has finally come to bite me in the ass.

The current episode was filmed in the next town over at a place I drive by frequently.

god, me. i used to watch ■■■■ about aliens or gorey stuff knowing damn well it would drive me insane and make me paranoid as ■■■■ but i did it anyway

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I begin to watch soccer
Which is better than news
I feel i am doing good job

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I’m triggered by murder. But then I watch and look at gory horror art. Go figure. The art doesn’t bug me, but if there’s a movie where the violence is realistic I will get pretty triggered. I kinda wanna know what compels me to look at that freaky art, though. Am I secretly evil deep down? heh.

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There are a lot of things I don’t get triggered by, but when I do get triggered it is usually in the form of anger. For me, being angry is kind of like picking a scab. I know it will only make things worse, but I can’t stop myself from doing it.


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