Geodon vs. Risperdal

I was taking Risperdal until I started having insomnia from Xanax tapering. I stopped taking my AP and my sleep improved. I know Risperdal is known to be sedative (it was for me when I first started on it 6 years ago) but I sleep better now when I don’t take it. Has anyone taken both Geodon and Risperdal? Which is more sedating? Which is worse for weight gain? I only take 1mg Risperdal so how much Geodon would I take?

Also, I want to help my anxiety if possible.

As much as I love being off meds (feel so much sharper and alert), I don’t want to go to the hospital.
Any input would be wonderful. Thank you.

Risperdal causes more weight gain than Geodon according to studies.

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I’ve taken both. Risperdal was far more sedating than Geodon, also caused more weight gain.

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Oh, that’s a bummer. I wonder what’s more sedating than Risperdal?

Usually ppl want the less sedating meds lol If you have sleep problems talk with your Dr. Maybe he can help you. I think @Headspark had insomnia after stopping Zyprexa.

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For me, I found Risperidone to be more sedating and it caused more weight gain. However, Geodon made me feel intoxicated and not in a good way. It also made my left eyelid twitch and I hated having to eat 500 calories with it. Geodon also has a very short half-life and I had to take it twice a day. In between doses I would get dizzy, nauseous, and I would get bad tremors. All of those would go away about an hour after taking the next dose.

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I don’t know. That was the most sedating for me, but I’ve never been on Clozapine or any of the other “heavier” APs. I flat out refused them, and told my pdoc to find me something else that worked. After two years (of working with this guy), he did. I take Caplyta and Navane (1st gen.)

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The most sedating are definitively Clozapine and Zyprexa.

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Yeah, I quit olanzapine almost 4 months ago and I still have insomnia, it hasn’t improved at all. I’ve had insomnia longer than that because when I was tapering down, once I went below 5mg that is when my insomnia began.


I had insomnia after stopping Latuda. I have insomnia right now from weaning off Xanax but it’s worse when I take Risperdal. I am terrified of insomnia and taking a new drug that makes it worse.

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Out of all the sh*t I’ve been through insomnia is the worst. After a few days without sleep I feel like total crap, can’t function and want to die, quit literally. When I was first experiencing insomnia I wanted the Canadian government to hurry up approving MAID (Medical Assiance in Dying) for the mentally ill so I could end my life.

I currently take 1.5mg of clonazepam for sleep and that knocks me out for 8 hours so I am doing okay now but I cannot sleep at all without it. If I become tolerant to it I don’t know what I will do. I’ve tried a bunch of other medications and they don’t work very well, or don’t work at all. I can only hope my ability to sleep naturally comes back before I become tolerant to clonazepam. My insomnia started when I dropped below 5mg of olanzapine and I have been off Olanzapine for almost 4 months now and my ability to sleep naturally hasn’t improved at all.

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I feel your pain. Nothing helps me sleep. I am tolerant to Xanax and therefore all Benzo’s. I take melatonin and diphenhydramine in the hopes it helps a little. I went 4 months barely sleeping and also had SI over it and then I quit Risperdal and now I can sleep a little bit more. I slept about 5 to 6 hours last night and 7 to 8 hours the night before. For the 4 months before I quit Risperdal, I was averaging 0 to 3 hours a night. It was really hard. I understand completely. I am happy the clonazepam is working for you and I hope it works forever. I really miss Xanax working for me but I became tolerant and even a 2mg “bar” wouldn’t put me to sleep. I’m down to .12mg from 4mg a day since May 1st, 2021.

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5-8 hours is not bad, 8 hours is perfect for me. Olanzapine withdrawal is causing me to experience the same thing you did with Risperdal, I sleep 0 hours without clonazepam, it’s brutal.

Thanks, me too.

If I ever am able to sleep naturally again, I’ll be able to quit clonazepam but then I get to experience the wonderful world of benzo withdrawal /sarcasm

I have been taking melatonin for years so I don’t know if I can sleep naturally either. I am afraid not to take it, even though I sometimes don’t sleep.

I hate risperidal or done or whatever it’s called it’s complete garbage in my opinion.

Geodon is nice if your into antipsychotics ! But I’m not into the antipsychotics but honestly they took me off becuase it made me very very paranoid probably becuase it had no effect on me!

How long have you been off AP’s?

I’m on a 1mg haldol! It’s great! For me that is!! But everyone’s different I can handle myself off ap I don’t mind hearing voices or feeling famous. I’ve been able to hold down a job. Some cannot bear :bear: being off meds becuase of severity of their symptoms. I completely understand and respect that! Peace :peace_symbol:

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I was originally on 10mg haldol and cut down slowly since January