Geodon vs seroquel

Geodon or seroquel both seem to be quite sedating from what I’ve heard.
Have you taken both before and which has been more sedating?
Has either caused long-term akathisia?
What is your experience or opinion of either or both of them?
Which is better?

Seroquel made me more tired for sure, and it helped better than Geodon, but it still was incomplete for me.
I’m doing much better on Clozaril and Latuda combo.


I was on Seroquel in the past, and that stuff was so sedating it knocked me out!

Geodon is not always sedating.
It really depends.

Geodon is usually less sedating than Seroquel.


I’ve taken both. Geodon had terrible experiences with. It gave me narcoleptic like episodes and bouts of akathesia. Both would pop up out of no where. I took it for a couple of years and it also began not to work so much. I have struggled with fatigue my whole life and tiredness. The Seroquel made all that worse for me but no akathesia on it for me. All that being said, everyone is different. The sedation should subside some after being on either med for a bit. Also if you can, taking meds at night may make you less sedated.

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I might risk it and stick with geoden if it’s not too sedating and too akathisia-giving. I like it because it’s meant to be weight neutral and not have anticholinergic properties…

Seroquel is way more sedating.

I’m on geodon, I take it in the morning and function just fine for work each day.

Geodon wins.


I used to take seroquil it basically slows brain function. Good if your having racing thoughts or can’t sleep. I don’t really have thoughts anymore so I don’t take it.


Yes Seroquel is sedating but I would be a raging bull elephant in a china closet without it.
I had trouble sleeping so it helped that too.

Geodon did nothing for me. But every brain is different. It can be trial and terror to find the right med for you, but never give up!

When you find the right one, you’ll know. :wink:


Thanks @katwomansz I wont give up with that. I might try geodon cos there are more variable answers in terms of it being sedating. Good for you that seroquel works for you :slight_smile:

Seroquel made me more psychotic than I already was. I took it once and never tried it again. Although my wife takes a lot of it for sleep. She doesn’t have a psychotic disorder.

I take Geodon twice a day but at night I also take Latuda. The morning dose of Geodon makes you tired at first but you get through it eventually and it is fine. I have to take Geodon twice a day or I get psychotic. I used to only take it at night and I got psychotic every afternoon.

Good luck. You have to find what works best for you.

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Thank you, yes I read that it has a relatively short half life and you have to eat it with ‘500 calories’?? I dont know if I eat that much…would muesli with fruit be ok? I’m hoping u don’t get akasthia? Im really dreading that stuff cos i had it for a while with abilify and it was a nightmare. Can I ask for how long you have been on geodon? I want to know that people can stay on this drug for a long time lol I hate changing meds it makes me feel uneasy.

You know I don’t eat breakfast and I take it in the morning and it works for me despite the empty stomach. I try to eat a little something but don’t really know how many calories it is. This morning I had 3 donuts. That’s probably more than 500 calories. I always take the evening dose after dinner. So I know I am good there.

It does have a short half life. You really need to take it twice a day. When I first was prescribed it twice a day I tried it in the morning and I was working. As soon as I got to work I had to lie down and take a nap so I just took it all at night. This went on for a few years and I would get psychotic every day. Then when I wasn’t working I tried it in the morning again and that made all the difference in the world and it doesn’t make me tired anymore.

Looks like ur body has adjusted. :slight_smile:

Geodon was extremely sedating to the point of being downright dangerous when I first started on it. But, over time, my brain got used to it and it is no longer that sedating. Seroquel was never very sedating to me. But, I take it at night. I take them both.

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I’ve only tried seroquel, and in my experience it didn’t knock me out like it does everyone else. However, I found risperdal to be more sedating than seroquel in my experience. But I guess everyone is different lol.

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Enormous variability. Whether an antipsychotic medication is felt to be activating or sedating depends A LOT on the individual patient. It is quite hard to predict who will experience which side effects. Activation, by the way, is sometimes confused with “akathisia” - which is a sense of restlessness, often accompanied by a feeling of anxiety/tension and a need to move around or pace.


Yes that’s true, I just wanted to see if there was a trend or not amongst those who tried it here I guess