Geodon vs Invega for positive symptoms. HELP!

@1923mari I have been on 6 mg invega for almost 5 years. I was on geodon before and my voices started while on it so it didn’t do anything for voices for me.

Invega quieted the voices to silence after 3 years. I’d recommend invega

@1923mari, Perphenazine did nothing for me. And I was on 8 mg of it I think. When I was on Geodon alone, I was still very psychotic. I need all three of my AP’s to eliminate all of my psychosis, unfortunately.

Use risperidone a couple of times. Not sure why it was removed. Maybe I should consider that too. Ugh

Any side effects?

24mg of perphenazine and 120 mg of latuda here. You would think it would help :woman_shrugging: both are high doses.

Side effects for Invega aren’t noticeable to me really.

Unless you want to talk about depression that may be due to the lack of dopamine and serotonin, but that comes with all antipsychotics.

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Thanks everyone!

I didn’t have much luck with latuda either. I’m on the invega injection and it works well. As far as which is most effective, I would say Geodon. That’s what they give to a lot of people when they’re in the hospital.

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