What was your med that stopped voices?

I’m on clozapine,but it doesn’t solve my problems with voices.I’ve got no one to call during the day,and my psychiatrist just keeps on upping my dosage.It doesnt help.Can invega help?

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Amyloban 3399 (a potent form of lion’s mane) seems to be quieting my voices. But diet is a huge factor too, I have to eat low-fat and low-protein to avoid excess tryptophan, which flares up schizophrenia symptoms by causing the brain to form too much kynurenic acid, which is an NMDA antagonist.

I’m also on a max dose of Paliperidone (12 mg) but I’ve been having breakthrough symptoms for months and months until modifying my diet and taking the Amyloban 3399.

There are studies that show the Amyloban 3399 can reduce PANSS scores, even.


No drug stopped my voices, including clozapine. Invega helps. I am currently on 12 mg and my voice Just bothers me Every now and then.

I remember when i was on risperdal consta,voices disappear.But I couldnt stand 4 hours of sleep,was nervous all the time.Does invega shots allow you to sleep.We dont have invega pills just depot.

Does seroquel stops the voices?

Listening to the voices, and harnessing their wisdom. Only once u’ve accomplished ur hearts desire will the pain cease to be heard

What helped me was listening to music to distract me. I’m sorry, there is no magical pill.

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Can you sleep on invega?

I take it in the morning so that I don’t have issues falling asleep.

I was on Invega when I had Medicaid. It helped with a lot of things. But I’m no longer in Medicaid and I can’t afford it anymore. So I take Haldol

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Sorry to hear that.Haldol sometimes help,I took 10 mg today,but I had paranoia from it.

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Abilify helped, but I still have them. They come in clusters so like 2 weeks I’m mostly free, then 3 weeks they’re telling me to run out of school. Music helps, along with grounding techniques to ground yourself back to reality and meditate

Yeah, that’s no good. What helps your paranoia @anon70049667?

Are you kidding? What’s the wisdom in listening to a stream of negativity, where the voices call you the same bad things over and over again? That is the opposite of wisdom.


Small doses of risperdal,but haldol gives me more relief.I think taking less dosage is beter.


I haven’t tried riperdal yet. Thanks!

Getting regular sleep seems to help a lot.

Hope you can afford it,it’s old med.

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I sleep 11 hours.

Perphenezine worked for me.

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