Gagging problems

So I have a real problem. I gag a LOT. Like, sometimes over nothing.

I found that swallowing helps at times, other times humming stops it.

Anyone else have this problem? If so, any ideas on how to stop it?


I gag especially while sleeping. I was told I have sleep apnea. I have difficulty swallowing and breathing, I choke a lot when drinking water. Dr says its bcz I am fat but I blame the AP, these issues got worse since I upped my AP dose. Since you’re not on AP it could be that you’re overweight.

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I do that with the acid reflux.

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put that on the list of reasons to lose weight and put it on the wall as a reminder to diet @Aziz


I drink water more slowly now and I choke less.

totally unrelated.

I think you should stay on an AP.

doesn’t your husband say this?

I think people should follow their pdocs advice. If the pdoc says it’s ok to go off, then it’s ok.

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it never happens.

Brussels sprouts make me gag, like almost a full body dry heave, I can’t stand them, so do some other vegetables but to a lesser extent, but that is about it, so I don’t eat them.

The only other time I might gag is if I eat foods that don’t mix well in my stomach, so I’ll stick my finger down my throat and force myself to throw up, that always fixes the problem, but it’s rare for that to happen.

Is it a side effect of your antidepressant ?

@Aziz I do it thin or fat.

@roxanna I do have GERD, but this happens all the time, not just when having symptoms of acid reflux.

@Daze my pdoc is fine with it and I am doing great off APs.

@everhopeful I doubt it. This began over a year ago. It started when I coughed until I gagged, now it’s even if I breathe wrong!


It could be due to a different medical issue other than GERD @ZombieMombie
I would go see a doctor about it.

I frequently choke on food especially when I’m drinking water.
It sometimes goes down my windpipe and I cough like crazy.

I blame the AP I’m on but you aren’t on an AP so I don’t know.

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What triggers the gagging, like is it from visual stimulus, smells, or touch (brushing teeth/eating), etc?

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I have the same issue. I don’t know what to do about it?

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In the category of, “You’re not alone,” I’ve been on prescription strength of a proton pump inhibitor for years. I burp a lot, too.

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@Beep it can be anything. Here’s a list of past triggers

Anything touching my tongue sometimes.
Vaping wrong
Too much spit
Not enough spit
Weird taste
Strong taste
Anything bitter
Itchy throat
Swallowed too hard
Food touched back roof of mouth
Gross thought
Breathed weird or wrong

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GERD & allergens can make your esophagus raw / damaged. This can make it hard to swallow or make you gag.

I used to have eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE). Basically, allergens, from what I was eating, was causing my esophagus to be inflamed and the walls were damaged and “raw”. The same thing can happen from GERD. The result is trouble swallowing (either food, liquid, or even your own saliva), choking, and gagging.

It could also be a side affect of AP’s, but you’re not on an AP… Right?

You could see a gastroenterologist about it. They would probably do a barium swallow study and/or an upper endoscopy, to figure out what is going on.

Good luck! :relaxed:

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That’s quite a collection! You must be fully fed up with it. Have you seen a doctor about it?

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For several months, about two years ago, I would get sudden fits of deep gut-wrenching gagging for about a minute. This lasted for perhaps 6 months and then got better on its own.
I saw an ENT doctor and she prescribed an acid blocker for GERD. She did an exam and didn’t see anything. The acid blocker didn’t do much to help.
No one could figure out what was wrong.

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@blossom I do have trouble swallowing due to a “stroke like event” in 2014. The gagging because long after that, though. I don’t have any rawness. From what I read it’s over-active gag reflex that some people can develop after a long bout of coughing until you gag. Just read up on it a bit ago.

@Beep yep. It is very annoying. And no. I forgot to mention it last visit.

@Here4You I’m on an acid blocker. It works really well for me.

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