Gaba very helpful for anxiety

I went to Whole Foods today and picked up some gaba and l-theanine. The gaba really helped with my anxiety.


Gaba seems to work for some people but not for others. Glad it helps you.


I found GABA useless at 500mg and it gave me a body buzz at 1000mg. Other than that no effect from it that i could notice.

l-theanine on the other hand is wonderful. I have anxiety and agitation after quitting olanzapine and l-theanine completely eliminates it. I take 100mg every 3-4 hours, then 200mg before bed.


It works for me. Can use it at low doses, but get dyskinea at high doses.

Update, I took more and it made me puke sticking to low doses from now on.

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What dosage is that?

750mg pills, I took 8

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lol, holy sh*t. That is a lot!!!

I got dyskina on 1 750mg pill. And 750mg is considered maximum strenght. 8 pills is way too much. Pay heed to the directions on the label. Unless you have researched the supplement and know for sure that it’s safe to take more.

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