Funniest delusions

What is the funniest delusion you’ve ever had? When I went off clozapine and didn’t sleep for a week, a couple hours before I had my seizure I was convinced I melted the Hawaiian islands with mountain dew. Don’t ask how it’s possible idk


I don’t think any of mine were particularly funny as such, but just bizarre

Sometimes I still think that they were true, but I was in an altered reality to this one…

They brought me back from the brink, and I am not sure whether to be grateful or not.

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For me it was the lottery days.
I don’t know if you guys remember it,
I had made a post on, have you shown off your skills to others.
I had once shown my dad the I could role the dice doubles.
Last year he told me to take a lottery,
He said until the lottery day, you are a millionaire.
Actually I had the feeling that I have won it and planning how to spend it.
I was so top of the world.
Later on the lottery day none of my number popped.
I did not getting anything, not even the ticket price.
I was like at least I had good past month and one bad day. :rofl:

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I thought that i have captain Beefheart’s mustache intertwined with my brain neurones.
And according to the music i listen, it gets bigger or smaller, moving etc.
It’s stupid, i know.


One time I though my therapist wanted to kiss me. At first I thought it was scary but after a while I thought it wasnt realistic.

A game show host was saint peter, and the contestants were the souls trying to get into paradise by “winning” the game.

Yeah….funny looking back on it. Just so ridiculous.

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I don’t have any funny delusions.

They’ve all been life consuming or horrifying.

But I did have a kind of funny hallucination.

It’s a real long story, but I’ll cut to the important parts.

When I was a kid (12-13) and started having real serious symptoms,

I would start feeling like someone was watching me while I was in the bathroom.

Over the course of about six months this feeling developed into a full blown hallucination of a grown man,

Always talking to me while I was trying to poop,

Waiting to use the shower after me,


He was always around during bathroom time.

It wasn’t a pervy thing,

It was like we just had to share a bathroom.

As a result, I now have no concept of bathroom privacy and frequently leave the door open.

My husband is totally grossed out and always asking me to shut the door.



My voices told me i had to make entire loaves of sandwiches and drop them off by the dumpsters for a homeless guy im not sure even existed

And so sandwiches were made and dropped off

Most of my delusions were just bizzare or scary

An early one was that I thought people flying in jet airliners could see me on the ground from the sky.
When my dad would drive me somewhere at night I thought all the cars in oncoming traffic would flash their high beams at me. Oh man, that used to piss me off.

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