Fun yule info

Why does Santa have eight reindeer ? No one asked ever…well the answer is it represents the number of legs Odin’s mighty stead has…and now you too share this yule tide info no one wants to know anyway…lol


did you know that Christmas can be read as “Christ” and “mas,” or “mas Christ”? :slight_smile:

more Christ!

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Um, don’t forget Rudolf, the ninth reindeer!


Chiast mas == dat of chirst but I like your style.

beyond that I like the style of this thread.
It’s paganism!

buuuurp… son of osiris… horus… metaphor of the solstice

the ruling class never believied in anything else but paganism.

born on the 1st and set on the 5th… where he returned again for longer. The lowest days of the year. Let’s celebrate.


Then there are the anti-christ folk who write xmas, happy holidays, or happy season. :unamused:


They’re not always anti-Christ. Sometimes they’re just trying to be inclusive, or use synonyms so they don’t have to say the same thing five hundred times a day. That’s what I did in retail. People got all manner of holiday greetings from me!


Yule be sorry for your War on Christmas.

That’s true, it’s not always anti-christ.

to be frank, I don’t really believe in christ myself. I read the bible a lot though.

but hush hush. no religious talk here. even though I started it. :disappointed_relieved:

santa clause is really an anagram for… oh wait :confused: lol

7 BURP! :open_mouth:


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to start religious discussion. I was merely pointing out why Christ is usually omitted from the word, in reply to what you said about “more christ”. Lol
I use happy holidays, sometimes too.

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i love me some venison burgers lol


please cover your mouth when you burp, mountainman. it’s obnoxious. BURP! :open_mouth:

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pass the sauce pls lol


Why is everyone burping in this thread? :grinning:

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Too much reindeer meat.


:scream: Aw. Poor Rudolph

Would that make you all cannibals…Odin’s horse is the offspring of Loki in guise as a mare and some giants…giant horse…and if your eating its legs…bah …Christmas cannibals is fun to say…lol

All winter holidays are just distractions because we are afraid of the dark and cold. Pagan, Jewish, Christian, potatomas, it’s all about people not wanting to think about the cold dark. If you go to warmer climates it’s not as big a deal. Even though it sounds like I’m criticizing the religious fervor I like the way it brings people together.

May your potatoes burst into warming flames of comfort.