Merry Christmas part deux

To all the people who,don’t celebrate Christmas


I religiously don’t celebrate X_mas as i am hindu… tho’ my heart dances on this auspicious occasion …@Otue are u non christian…!!! We don’t celebrate new year A.D cause we have
our own calendar that is bikram sambat …!!!


Merry kali and shiva day to u


We celebrate shiva day called shivaratri at the month end of hindu calendar…!!!
Shiva is our greatest god who don’t have beginning and end …he is unborn and destroyer …!!!

Which one of ur deities has several more arms than normal I had seen statues reminds me of Dhalsim with the stretch and fire breath and teleport

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Would u consider eating steak or is that a big no no so ur in India now or not where are u transmitting ur messages from I could wiki Hindu search and find dietary habits of Hindi people I had heard that there are starving people because people over in India don’t eat beef because I guess ofmreincarnation

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Brahma the creator has several heads …Godess Durga has several hands or arms …Most of the god and goddess have several hands and arms …It is supposed to be that there are more then Billion god in hindu religion …The Important three among all are Lord Brahma the creator Lord Bishnu the Adherent lord Shiva the destroyer …

I am a huge gamer since Sz I am not really interested to play games i just quit playing games …Dhalsim depict the Satan or evil figure of hindu religion… That day used to be beautiful when a used to play Street Fighter …I love Ken ,Ryu ,E-honda…!!!

I feel like I’ve been reincarnated as same individual at an earlier point in my life a little while earlier I began to experiment with maintaining the idea that I was good soil my heart this is and being a doer of the sayings of the Bible the power to cure sick people make deaf people hear resurrect the dead make blind people see miracle worker became evident to me

I digg the cornershop u heard of them? From India I suppose

I am from Kathmandu,Nepal…!!! i am Niraj & how are U…??

@Otue I think u are from the state …D.c…???
Do u work dude …??? i am jobless…!!!

Merry Christmas @otue, I hope you’re doing well.

No I am not working but I need a job and would like one so I can do the Isaiah chapter 58 thing I’m on disability payments from the government social security income and social security disability income ususally I sleep till noon everyday I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma it’s kind of a ghetto here sometimes in th central part of the United States :us: I’m in the lower socioeconomic class of citizen here mi casa es su casa understand yusted amigo u are my friend

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U can find me on facebook Richard jones what is ur name real name?

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I can’t find u on facebook I look like bald guy with purple circle on my head the pic is from baldlUrs Gate2 character on the game so u this year I made out like a bandit on Christmas with all my loot

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Hey @Otue type the name niraj kafle…I am sitting on a chair holding a cup of coffee… u can definitely find me …!!!