For those of you with TD

Does anyone else have problems with rapid blinking and squeezing your eyes shut? I know it can be a symptom, and it is new to me and scary. I am on 24 mg Austedo 2x/day for the TD, and I’m on half the dose of Saphris that I have been on in the past, yet the TD is still progressing. My head isn’t bobbing right now, but the eye thing is awful! It’s embarrassing to be asked what’s wrong with your eyes over and over. It also makes it difficult to see clearly… reading is a B****! What medication do you take? The only other one I’ve ever taken is Benztropine. Do you have any suggestions? I’m scared of where things may go from here.

I am so sorry you have to deal with that.

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Do you get fish like movements of the mouth?

Not at the moment, but in the past. That sucks, too! That was my first symptom, and I got it shortly after getting braces. I attributed it to the braces until a year and a half ago, when my neck started bobbing. I looked up the symptoms and talked to my pdoc, and she did an eval. She also noted hand clasping, but I had thought that was just my tremors being weird.

I had TD like symptoms when I came of off Latuda. It went away shortly after I was placed on Invega.

I think Clozapine ameliorates TD I’m not sure.

Benzos help it too I believe.

Hope you find some comfort @Happy_H.

Thanks. I tried clozapine, but my white blood cell count went up. I had to be taken off it. I’m on benzos, too, but I’m trying to only take them at night to calm my racing thoughts during mania. Maybe I should take the prescribed 3x/day dose (yeah, I know it’s bad I’m not taking meds as prescribed, but I’m scared of benzos!).

Benzos aren’t bad if you use them in moderation. Been on them for years and I never had a tolerance.

Cogentin makes TD worse so watch out for that.

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If I may ask, what are your symptoms? How do you deal with going out in public?

Even my family kept asking about my eyes.

I dont think I have it but I cant be too sure. Do you experience tingling in your fingers?

No, no physical sensations, just a pulling need to do something when I’m aware of what I’m doing (and trying to stop myself), or just doing it when I’m not aware.

Ah. I do get random head shakes and sometimes my eyes blink rapidly for like 2-3 seconds. Do you think its TD related? Should I talk to my pdoc?

If you are worried, of course you should talk to your pdoc. They can evaluate you. Alas, I cannot diagnose. :wink:

Could be just my paranoia acting up hah

I think we’re all a little paranoid. lol

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